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Video Game / Vampires Castle Adventure

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Vampire's Castle Adventure is an interactive fiction adventure game released in 1988 for DOS.

This short text adventure (written in a mere 181 lines of BASIC code) has the player exploring a vampire's lair in search of the game's "concealed goal." Not surprisingly, room descriptions are extremely terse and there aren't a whole lot of actions to perform. The parser accepts two-word commands (though it only looks at the first three letters of any given word) and has a vocabulary of about seventy words.


Needs Wiki Magic Love.

This Video Game contains examples of:

  • Beige Prose: Room descriptions are extremely terse.
  • Minimalism: There's only 181 lines of code, and the game is short, so there's not a lot to do.
  • Text Parser: This one only recognizes 70 words and looks at the first three letters of a word.


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