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Video Game / Tsukino Paradise

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The title screen, featuring the Tsukiuta idols.

Tsukino Paradise is the mobile Rhythm Game of the Tsukipro franchise, featuring the idols of the Tsukiuta, SQ, Alive, and Gekidan Altair series.

The game contains examples of:

  • Bullet Hell: Many songs become this in Carnival Mode.
  • Card Battle Game: Or, card dance game. You collect idols through gacha and put them in teams of six to play, similar to most other idol games.
  • Fountain of Youth: An event featured a story where the mysterious sorcerer Albion Mask - guess who - turns about half of the characters into kindergarten-aged children. They have their memories from when they were adults, they aren't in any danger, they're just pure, innocent children, and they'll turn back to normal at sunset - but if the other characters don't get to them in time, they won't get to coo over how cute their bandmates have become, and take pictures of them being cute! So with these guys (especially Eichi) that's enough of a conflict to propel the story.

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