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That wasn't there yesterday...
Tower of Guns is a Roguelite First-Person Shooter made by Terrible Posture Games (composed of brothers Joe and Mike Mirabello, and Joe's wife, Colleen Mirabello) in 2014.

A giant tower filled with robots and cannons has appeared in the middle of a peaceful village and it's your mission to enter the tower and destroy it.

See all of the nice guns and items available here.

Tower of Guns provides examples of:

  • Excuse Plot: A Random Excuse Plot at that. It can involve anything from a mouse attempting to get a DMV from the owner of the Tower of Guns to attempting to deliver something to a Jerkass lady who lives in the final boss area.
  • 100% Completion: The Collection screen on the main menu shows all items, gun mods, gameplay stats, the percentage and a funny rank for your savefile. It also give you a hint to increase the completion rate.
  • Easter Egg: There is a message from Joe to Colleen at the beginning of the run beyond the wall behind you.
  • End Game Results Screen: After you die, it shows how many powerups you got, your guns with their levels and properties, current item, character stats and more.
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  • Endless Game: If you enable the endless mode, you will start at the first floor after defeating the final boss with increased difficulty. Even though you will eventually die, the game will track every time you defeat the final boss as another win on the collection screen.
  • Evolving Weapons: All weapons start at level 1 and getting blue orbs and crystals fills your equipped weapon level bar up to 5, giving them increased stats. Once you fill the fifth bar completely, it reaches level 5 MAX. Getting hit will drain a chunk of the equipped weapon's bar. Each weapon has to be leveled up separately and some weapons get worse when they level up. The Taco Terror perk allows guns to reach level 6 MAX.
  • Mascot Mook: The Hugbots, designed by Joe's wife Colleen, just want to give you a hug. You can get loot from them but they increase the current difficulty level for each one you kill. If you let them be instead, you might visit their hideout. The game also tracks how many of them you have killed through the entire savefile.
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  • More Dakka: Literally the theme of the game, everything that isn't a bomb or a spike is a gun, said guns shoot a lot of bullets, and said bullets are the size of a 10 year old child, the tower itself is literally constructed from giant guns.
  • Multiple-Choice Past: Every run plays one random plot, presenting dialog boxes at the beginning and end of some floors and displaying an epilogue after winning. You can turn them off with the Silly Dialog option before starting a new run.
  • Power Ups: Called Badges, they permanently increase or decrease one of your character stats.
    There are Armor++, Crit Chance++, Damage++, Difficulty++, Difficulty—, EXP++, Health++, Height++, Item charge++, Jump++, Luck++, Magnet++, Speed++ and Random badges.
  • Power Up Let Down: Getting too many speed and jump-height badges may turn your character into an uncontrollable mess. Random badges, with the ? box icon, have a chance to increase or decrease one of your stats.
  • Smart House: The Tower itself. Everything is controlled by the Tower Heart.


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