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Just another RPG

Tower Keepers is a deep and strategic free to play Auto-RPG by Ninja Kiwi that utilizes an automated battle system in which you put up to 4 Heroes against groups of vicious enemies.

The game itself has an energy system - You own a feast hall which constantly provides your heroes with food, which you use each time you enter a level. The more heroes you send out, the more food is used. The feast hall is upgradeable, with production and storage of food able to be increased. The decision is yours whether you utilize your food strategically by sending out a few competent heroes for easier missions, or go all out to conquer those harder scuffles.

The Game also has a Player vs Player with tower raids and Real-Time PvP, and guilds where you can compete for extra rewards.


Tower Keepers provides examples of the following:

  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Every damage type (and stuns) has the capability of being resisted by every entity in the game, even if the entity has a base resistance of 0%. However, one type, aptly named True Damage, is exempt - it isn't included in the list of stats as a damage type that an entity can have a resistance to, and everything automatically has a 0% resistance to it that can't be increased, whether through passives, equipment, or buffs that boost all resistances or all resistances + armor. Nothing is capable of blocking or reducing it (besides dodging) except for simply having higher defense than the attacker's attack, or by using a buff that reduces the damage of incoming attacks by a percentage.
    • The Barbarian hero has a passive that gives her a chance (with the percentage being based on the skill's level) to deal True Damage instead of the attack's regular damage type. As she only attacks with physical-typed damage anyway, the passive essentially gives her a chance to have her attack be this.
      • The October 24, 2018 (v2.0) update added in a new set of Epic rarity equipment that have negative affects and hero/enemy passives on them. One such equipment, the Wrath of the Mountain, is a fist that has the same passive on it, among others. Since both fist users also exclusively deal physical damage (besides one having their own Armor Piercing Attack), this essentially does the same thing as it does on Barbarian.
  • Artificial Stupidity: The opposing A.I. in Wizard's Chosen has a tendency of selecting shoddily constructed hero teams that have lacking synergy with each other, sub-optimal weapons, and/or skill sets that don't suit their respective heroes.
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  • Beta Test: There was one for the PC version of this game.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: You can use gems to easily power level almost anything, such as heroes, artisans, and more.
    • You can gem attacks, hero battles, find loot, and Wizard Tower tickets as well for more rewards.
    • You can also use real-life currency to purchase more gold, gems, or even use it to buy hero packs.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: There are a few in this game.
    • Earning top 1% in any guild or event yields more stuff, but the increase is not that much.
    • Beating Stage 11+ Dragon can yield more gold, but nothing more.
      • The dragon now has milestone rewards up to stage 75, but beyond that still applies.
    • Beating a boss revenge campaign gives the epic boss monster of that campaign. However, by the time they can be obtained, they're most likely not going to be useful.
    • Maxing the star levels of all your heroes. It is extremely difficult and time-consuming to get heroes to 7 stars, as each one requires 266 stones in total. Epic heroes in particular are a pain to max out, since their stones are both incredibly rare and incredibly expensive. Assuming you don't get any stones from Find Loot, chests, or golden portal stones (which is a fair assumption, since all of these have a very low chance of giving you epic stones), you can only get around 2-3 stones for an epic hero per day. Yes, to max out an epic hero's stars, you need to get 266 stones at 3 stones per day, which is around 88 days for just ONE hero. There are 6 epic heroes in the game in total, as well as 25 other heroes (which aren't as difficult to max out, but aren't easy either), so the amount of time you need to get every single hero to 7 stars is...yeah. It takes so long that most veteran players who have been constantly grinding the game for almost a year still haven't maxed all their heroes. And the reward? A stat buff and an increase in skill levels. While this buff is significant enough to make it worth getting one or two epic heroes to 7 stars, maxing all 6 is a pointless waste of time.
  • Cap: Max Keeper Level in this game was once 50, but it was eventually upped to 55. This also applies to Artisans & heroes.
    • Soul Stones are soft capped if you have not promoted your hero for said time and gain too many. This, however, is somewhat subverted as you can still gain more stones by green chests, heroic missions, and Epic battle chests.
    • Artisans & heroes can only be trained to your current Keeper Level.
    • You can only have up to a max of 8 Tower Raids & 8 Hero Battles in PVP at any time.
    • The Feast Hall can be upgraded every 5 keeper levels, but are capped to level 10 by Keeper Level 45.
    • All weapons, armor, monsters, and machines can only be upgraded to a certain level before they are maxed.
      • They also have a hard cap of level 100, despite what some special campaigns would have you think. If Ninjakiwi were to grant a player an item beyond it's normal level cap, they're only able to grant an item up to level 100.
    • Enchantments for weapons and armor can only go up to +11.
    • Heroes can be brought up to 7 stars and their skills cap at level 10.
    • The food in this game is capped to the max amount you can hold, you can gain 5 additional food capacity per level and even more by upgrading your feast hall. Subverted as you can hold as much bonus food as you like from quests, rewards, and other stuff as long as you don't use it all quickly
  • Colour-Coded for Your Convenience: All heroes, gear, monsters, and machines are split into five rarity categories, each with a different color based on how rare it is. Common is gray, Uncommon is green, Rare is blue, Super Rare is purple, and Epic is golden yellow.
  • The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: In Hero Battles, specifically Wizard's Chosen, the A.I. can be equipped with weapons or armor that otherwise aren't available at the normal level range. This is most noticeable when it can acquire Tier 2 Epic gear as early as level 43, despite said equipment only being first unlocked at level 55 for regular players.
  • Difficulty Spike: This applies to a few different aspects of this game:
    • Wizard's Chosen for Keeper Level 45+ becomes very difficult until you acquire strong stars and gear unless you slow level, as the star ratings and equipment tiers of the opposing A.I.'s heroes begins to ramp up exponentially.
    • Tower raids at Keeper Level 55. By then, you'll be matched up against many of the "Old Level 55s" who've been farming soul stones, gear, and defending monsters/machines for a number of months. For those who just hit the max keeper level, towers are bound to be hellish until they also grind for a good amount of time.
  • Damage-Sponge Boss: The guild boss is this, especially ever since his HP has been doubled.
  • Early Game Hell: Early on the game can be tough, due to lack of gear, resources, very low stars, and the lack of a lot of heroes.
  • Forced Level-Grinding: You will have to grind a lot for the resources to craft high tier gear, and most importantly soul stones in order to do well in many areas of the game. These range from PvP, the Guild Boss, 7 day special campaigns, and even some 2 day rotational camps.
    • Averted for Catacombs, Wizard Tower, and especially the main campaign, as these are beatable even with "average" hero star ratings and gear.
    • Inverted in the fact that some aspects of the game actively encourage you to increase your overall level as slowly as possible—the reason being that as your level increases, so does the difficulty of PvP-related modes. Thus, most players can get an advantage by grinding soul stones for heroes and getting their stats up, all while accumulating as little experience as possible so they’ll be overpowered relative to their level. In addition, the Find Loot feature of the game punishes players who go through the campaign quickly. After a mission is completed, a Find Loot can spawn randomly on that mission, and you can replay it to get a chance at finding a soul stone for the hero. By playing too far into the campaign, Find Loots will appear on levels that are harder and require you to spend more food to complete (which also increases your XP). In short, by playing higher difficulty campaign levels, Find Loot becomes more annoying to utilize. This is not helped by the fact that Find Loots have a higher chance of spawning on harder levels.
  • Game-Breaking Bug: Quite a few.
    • The save screen bug can cause issues, especially when it pops up in the middle of a battle and can potentially freeze the game. If you pick the wrong save by mistake, you could lose weeks of data.
    • Hero Battles is full of disconnection bugs.
    • In the mobile version, there is a glitch that can roll back a lot of data; sometimes you could lose weeks or even months of data.
    • There was once a bug that froze the game in a loop if you had too many items in your inventory. If you weren't careful about cleaning out the vendor trash before it reached that point, the only way to recover your data would be a rollback. However, this has now been patched.
    • The game has major memory leak issues that can cause crashes, broken timers, and wasted resources.
    • Sometimes, the screen will become blank or a different color making it impossible to see anything.
  • Infinity -1 Sword: Most of the Tier 1 Epic Weapons which are unlocked around the late 30s to mid-40s fit this bracket. Interestingly enough, a fair number of them are preferable to their Tier 2 counterparts depending on your build, due to possessing alternate stats or special properties. The Wand Of Endless Suffering is the most notable example, while Ambusher's Hacker, Dark Defender, Earthquaker, and Rod of Ruin remain perfectly viable options even at level 55.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: Many of the Tier 2 Epic Weapons are quite significant upgrades over the previous Tier 1 Epics in terms of stats or special properties. Among them, the Piercing Blade is the highest crafting priority.
  • Last Chance Hit Point: Some monsters have the Defy Death skill which has a 50% chance for a normally lethal attack to bring them down to 1HP instead. However, it’s taken further by the fact that Defy Death can happen multiple times in a row, effectively making the monster temporarily invincible. This can be triggered an annoyingly large number of times or not at all, depending on completely random chance.
  • Money Grinding: Once you reach Super Rare and Epic gear, you'll be grinding a lot for both the gold and crafting materials to be able to craft them, especially once you reach 55 and start aiming for Tier 2 Epics.
    • You'll also need to grind a lot of gold for stone buying in the hero store as well.
  • No-Sell: Due to the way the game is coded, entities with comparatively tiny attack stay will still deal a few points of damage to entities with a high defense stat. However, complete no-sells are possible.
    • An Immune Potion will make the hero take 0 damage from a number of incoming attacks, depending on the tier of the potion. Good Anti-Frustration Feature for a Luck-Based Mission.
    • The Parry skill reduces the damage of the next attack the entity receives by 50%. If this gets stacked twice before being hit, it will reduce the damage received by 100%, this guaranteeing 0 damage.
    • Amazon’s Cover Allies ability reduces the damage that all of her allies (except herself) receive by a percentage. If this stacks high enough, she can reduce the damage received by 100%, which again results in a guaranteed 0 damage received.
    • Am enemy that dodges will receive no damage from an attack, no matter how strong. Whether you dodge or not is determined by the Random Number God, so dodges can sometimes make or break a game. There are hero combinations that can increase the chance, but luck is still a major factor.
  • Play Every Day: This game has a number of elements and timed events to entice members to keep logging on for extra rewards. Daily rewards, daily tasks, emerald chests, feasts, heroic missions, the 24 hour tower soul stone reward, tower raids, and two day rotational campaigns just to name a few. There's even weekly leaderboard rewards for Tower Raids, Hero Battles, overall Guild prestige, and the Catacombs.
  • Player Versus Player: This applies to tower raids & defense where it's Asynchronous PvP, and Hero Battles where it's Synchronous PvP.
  • Underground Monkey: A number of enemies are recycled for different things.
    • Bastian The Demonologist (the World 6 boss) is recolored and given different skills to form the "Wizard".
    • Many enemies in the normal campaign are given modified skill sets in special campaigns. They are not given new animations when they use these moves, so their move animation can look a bit out-of-place as a result.
    • In fact, a lot of the rotational campaigns copy each other. Enemy formations will be shared across two or three campaigns without any change in skill sets or stats.
    • There are degraded boss versions for 5 of the bosses in the normal campaigns, and 4 of them are very similar in design.
  • Vendor Trash: Almost all Common & Uncommon weapon & armor drops fall under this category once you advance to at least Rare gear. Also applies almost all monsters that drop normally as well as machine loot drops because so few of them are viable tower defenders.
  • You Require More Vespene Gas: Oh, where to begin?
    • Food is needed for almost everything, from playing missions, catacombs, and feasts. It also does not help that some things require so much food 300+ that you'll run out very quickly.
    • Gold is needed for almost everything that needs to be bought and crafted. The cost of gold also goes up when your artisans level up more on crafting stuff.
    • The materials cost for crafting items (aside from Celestial Orbs & Void Cores) also goes up when you level up your artisans.


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