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Tower Fortress is an action platformer game developed by Keybol and published by Nitrome.

The short story given: a mysterious tower suddenly appears in a village. From it an emitter emits poisonous gas that infects the town. It is up to the power armored heroine to come and save the day.

The official website is here.

Tower Fortress contains the following examples.

  • All There in the Manual: The only way you are going to know the whole story and the main hero's name, or the fact that the hero is a girl, you need to look at their official website.
  • Cool Helmet
  • Evil Tower of Ominousness: Where the game takes place in. The fact that it has an emmiter spewing out toxic gas is enough to label it as evil. Not to mention the fact it just appears out of nowhere in the Sara's village.
  • Excuse Plot: The full story is that Sara is the alchemist and weapons forger in her villege. When the village was hit by the poisonous gas, her parents were caught in it since they were closer to the tower. In the effort to save her parents and the whole village, Sera takes upon herself to dawn her power armor, and venture in the tower to shut down the emitter.
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  • Power Armor: Sara wields one to fight against the goo monsters and the toxic gas.
  • Samus Is a Girl: The silent hero, Sara, shoots their way through the tower is this. Granted, its never revealed in-game, only through the official website.
  • Shout-Out:
    • The game's website acknowledge that it is inspiration from different games:
    The game is heavily inspired by many games, from classics to the indie games today. Most obvious is its Downwell nod. Other indie game influences are Nuclear Throne and Binding of Isaac. It also pays homage to old favorites like Sonic, Metroid, Contra and Megaman.
    • Sara's design and game-play mechanics is like a mix between Samus Aran, Sonic, and Mega Man.
  • Superheroes Wear Capes: Sara sure knows how to make a cape go with power armor.
  • The Faceless: We never did see what Sara's face looks like.

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