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"The Planet has entered into a new Epoch of the Comet, marked by a burning sky and scorched land."

Totem Tribe is a game made by Enkord. It is mainly a Real-Time Strategy with puzzle and Hidden Object elements.It follows the story of Aruku, from Tetala Island, chosen as leader of her tribe, as she encounters the Tear of Heaven, a crystal that fell from the heavens. The world is in a chaotic era since a comet crashed long ago, and the Tear of Heaven gives Aruku images of a man. That man is Guro, and he tells Aruku to collect the six sacred Totems that guard the world and take them to the Cradle of the North, to bring peace, but not everything will go smooth...


The gameplay involves creating buildings that create units, research facilities, and upgradeable towers to defend from enemies. There are different puzzles that involve searching items, using items, spells and/or units. Various items can be obtained to boost the tribe permanently, and gems can be collected to unlock a level.

A sequel is in the works nicknamed Totem Tribe II: Jotun. It expands the gameplay of the first game, adds different eras to play through, and makes it a MMO.


Tropes in Totem Tribe 1/Gold.

  • Ability Required to Proceed: Some stages will have islands that are unreachable. Later on you can get an aqualung which allows your scouts to swim.
  • Anachronism Stew: In the scene where achievements, inventions, and discoveries are remarked, fireworks can be shown in the CG that shows "perfect" achievement, where Aruku becomes a known heroine across the planet. Fireworks weren't even mainstream until the 1600's, and this game takes place in prehistoric/ancient ages.
  • Animal Motifs: The totems, include ones such as Dolphin, Monkey, Seagull. The tribes also are named after an animal, like the Wolf Tribe.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: Found only in Beetle Island.
  • Bonus Level: Guardian Moon, reachable by collecting all the gems, it gives an extra artifact to boost the population, some plot, and unlocks the best ending. Totem Tribe Gold adds some Egypt-themed levels which act as a side-story arc instead of independent interludes.
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  • Comet of Doom: The Epoch of the Comet.
  • Dem Bones: Skeletons and large skeletons are enemies ingame.
  • Dummied Out: Gold removes the Lost Temple Island, which originally was the island where you unlock the Temple building, rendering the quest to get the Temple just getting every Shaman Mask.
  • Evil Overlord: Discussed in the Island of Worship. An Aruku look-alike (actually King Shade) accuses the real Aruku of being one. She responds saying that her spirit is strong, she wants to repair the world and (in response of sending minions to their deaths) that she was chosen as chief of her tribe. She does become an Evil Overlord in the bad ending.
  • Expansion Pack: Totem Tribe Gold, which adds some new side islands and a pyramid arc.
  • Exposed to the Elements: Despite going through snowy islands and scorched lands, the Hawk Tribe never complains about the cold or heat, not even Aruku, clad in her leopard bikini.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: There are three elemental towers; Fire, Ice, and Lightning. Fire is gained throughout the story, while Ice and Lightning are obtained only via sidequests.
  • Fog of War: Fog of War is used and the common ways to remove fog of war include towers and later on a Idol of Divination, which is the only idol which cannot be used in the Temple building.
  • Giant Squid: The aspect of the final boss and its minions.
  • <Hero> Must Survive: The level is lost if either Aruku or Guro is killed.
  • 100% Completion: Collecting all the small gems will give access to the Rainbow Road, allowing access to the Bonus Level, where Aruku foresees the future and purifies the Tear of Heaven.
  • Last of His Kind: Guro is the last survivor of the Wolverine Tribe. Averted, yet played straight, in Totem Tribe Gold, as Guro can find that the Wolverine Tribe has survived, but had disbanded and joined the Hawk Tribe.
  • Multiple Endings: Three, and the result is made with the actions in the last levels.
    • Bad Ending: Reached by sacrificing troops to the comet, Aruku becomes an Evil Overlord, Guro, disappointed, leaves her.
    • Good Ending: Defeat the Final Boss normally, the world lies in ruins but people have an eternity to rebuild, more or less a Bittersweet Ending.
    • Golden Ending: After having gone to Guardian Moon, defeat the final boss, use the purified Tear of Heaven. With the purified powers, the world can be repaired even better than it was before.
  • New Skill as Reward: Many sidequests and challenges can give you treasures which boost stats of your units or give you new buildings.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: To try and restore balance across the land, Aruku tries to install the six Totems into the Cradle, only to self-destruct and cause even more chaos. This however, leads to an even bigger twist where Aruku WASN'T supposed to install the six "Light" totems only, also the "Dark" Totems as well, but the damage is already done.
  • Nubile Savage: Aruku, better seen in her bigger portrait.
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: Downplayed. Early versions of the game lacked the last gem to complete the Rainbow Road and thus it isn't possible to reach the best ending.
  • Video Game Settings: a few:

Tropes in Totem Tribe II: Jotun

  • Anachronism Stew: There are 9 eras to play. The eras can be fused, so, for example, a tribal culture can fight against an UFO.
  • Multiple Endings: Six ones: Adventure (obtained as "default", the player doesn't get other ending), Science, Culture, Wealth, Expansion, and War Victory. The player needs to take decisions though the whole game, not just the last parts.

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