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What could be so scary about clowns?

Today Is My Birthday is a First-Person Survival Horror Video Game by Wonder Games.

The game stars Thomas, a photographer who doesn't care much for birthdays. When he was a kid, he and his dad used to go to Wonder Park, an amusement park that held many a happy memory for both of them. Unfortunately, the park closed down a few years ago due to earthquakes in the area. His dad passed away a few years ago, too. After those events, birthdays kind of lost meaning to him.

Well, today is Thomas' 25th birthday, and he's decided that he's going back to the ruins of the place that meant so much to him. What's he go to lose?

The game was released on October 30th, 2020 and can be downloaded here.


Today Is My Birthday contains examples of:

  • Apocalyptic Log: There are notes that can be found throughout the game.
  • Checkpoint: You know you've passed one when the word "Checkpoint" appears in the bottom right corner with a circular arrow spinning above it.
  • Lock and Key Puzzle: There are locked doors in this game, and you will need to find keys for them.
  • Monster Clown: Plenty in the game as enemies. In fact, the first one you meet is a human organ dealer dressed as a clown.
  • Notice This: Things you can pick up and interact with have a bright aura around them.
  • P.O.V. Cam: The game's viewed from Thomas' perspective.
  • Spinventory: Items can be rotated when you first pick them up.
  • Sprint Meter: Thomas has one that goes down when he starts running, and refills when he stops.
  • Ten-Second Flashlight: The flashlight has a circular meter at its base indicating how much power it has left.
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  • Weaponized Camera: Your camera flash temporarily stuns enemies.