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Time Warpers is a 2020 video game note  for Windows computers by Proton Studio. It is a sequel to their Time Clickers game, being a combination of Idle Game and First-Person Shooter genres. You play as a soldier travelling around zones and shooting enemies. With each kill, you get gold and can buy upgrades for your soldier, drone, and turret. After reaching cetain milestones, you access more complex mechanics like Time Warping and Cards, which let you get further into the game and customise the experience. The game's main features that set it apart from the original are its semi-explorable 3D world compared to the predecessor's single-screen areas and extremely large numbers (even larger than 1.8e308).


This game provides examples of:

  • Absurdly High Level Cap: Your units can reach up to level 40000. You can typically beat zone 5000 at 16500, which is also the last zone you need to clear for an achievement.
  • And Your Reward Is Clothes: You can unlock new clothes for your Soldier. For instance, reaching Spec Ops for the first time unlocks the Spec Ops outfit, and getting 10000 Weapon Cubes unlocks the Weapon Cube outfit.
  • Anti-Grinding: To enforce Time Warping after a certain point and not letting you grind on a single playthrough, you have a limit of Time Cubes that you can earn before your movement speed turns sluggish and you're required to start over. The limit starts at 100 and can be doubled for half of the current limit until it can be removed completely once you get the 15th upgrade.
  • Disc-One Nuke: Four Kings. Get them all and your DPS is multiplied by 10000x, which is a lot - enough to trivialise a few hundred early zones.
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  • Everything's Better with Rainbows: Rainbow enemies and rainbow butterflies. The former are as weak as red ones and give a lot more gold (amount depends on how high Time Cube and Weapon Cube upgrades are, with up to a 10000x multiplier), while the latter give a large amount of gold instantly (equal to 5 minutes of idling at first and increasing by 1 second for every red butterfly you find).
  • Final Death Mode: You can turn on a Permadeath mode which increases Time Cube and Weapon Cube gain by 0.75x (it also requires you to disable the Hoverbike for another 1.0x). It makes you Time Warp immediately after running out of hearts.
  • Gameplay Automation: As the game's developers say - the more you play, the more you can automate. The Drone and Turret target and shoot enemies for you and they're unlocked at the beginning, the Hover Bike lets you progress through zones automatically and it's unlocked in zone 70, Autobuy upgrades units for you as long as you have Gold which is unlocked after Time Warp and can be further upgraded to account for higher levels, Card Automation picks cards for you if you've unlocked a set of four previously depending on priority, and many more.
  • Hearts Are Health: You have a health meter of five hearts. Each hit results in one or two of them getting taken away until you die.
  • Hover Bike: You get a Hover Bike in zone 70 which lets you move automatically and stay invincible while you're riding it, essetially turning on idle progression.
  • New Game+: Known as Time Warp, this allows the player to start a new game with the Time Cubes they have collected the previous run, which adds to their DPS multiplier and also allows them to buy artifacts.
  • Not-Actually-Cosmetic Award: Each achievement earned gives a DPS boost, Gold Earn boost, or some other bonus.
  • Prolonged Video Game Sequel: In the previous game, you'd have to reach zone 4000 to get the last achivement and the game would typically be impossible to progress through further a bit later. Here, you have to reach zone 5000 to get the last zone-related achievement and the game truly ends at 10000, thanks to the enlarged notation.
  • Piñata Enemy: There's a chance where an entirely rainbow enemy wave appears. Rainbow enemies have the same amount of health as a red cube but give a huge multiplier to gold.
  • Set Bonus: Normally Cards don't have a bonus if you get all of them (but typically the boost from them stacks, so 1 Threes card will boost gold find by 2x and 2 Threes will boost it by 4x), but the Kings set will be absolutely useless if you only have one, two, or three of them. Get all four, however, and your DPS receives a huge 10000x multiplier.


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