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Time Rifters is a "single-player co-op" first-person shooter released by Proton Studio in 2014. In Time Rifters, your goal is simply to go through the arenas and destroy as many blocks as you can, using the gold you gain from them to upgrade your weapons as you run through the episode (a collection of 5 arenas) or daily challenge (a collection of player-created challenge rooms). However, the main "gimmick" is that for every run of your 4-run romp through an arena, you are joined by all of your previous runs, meaning you have to work together with your past selves if you want to get 100% on each arena.


This game provides examples of:

  • Bullet Time: A small bit of bullet-time is given when a run ends for you to get those last remaining gold cubes. There's also some bullet-time after popping off part of the Core's shell, exposing the red center.
  • Damage Over Time: Each of the weapons has an "Acid" upgrade that, well, deals damage over time.
  • Double Jump: But only if you don't do a sprinting jump, which gets you about the same height.
  • Easter Egg: Each of the 15 main arenas and the hub area has a way to escape it. There's three achievements for pulling this off.
  • Flunky Boss: The Core, encountered at the end of Episode 3, "bleeds" the level's blocks when it gets damaged enough.
  • Level Editor: The game comes with a challenge room editor for making rooms for custom arenas (or even Daily Challenges).
  • No Plot? No Problem!
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  • Rank Inflation: Sure, there's good old 100% completion. But if you manage to achieve 100% destruction on all 5 arenas in an episode, and finish before your fourth run, you get an extra 5% tacked on to your score for each life not used.
  • Ring-Out Boss: The worm in the first arena of Episode 2, while not quite a boss, can only be destroyed by knocking it back far enough by shooting it.
  • Shielded Core Boss: The only "boss" in the game, the Core, starts off shielded by its outer shell.
  • Spin-Off: Time Clickers, an incremental clicker that uses similar blocks and weaponry, but in a style similar to Clicker Heroes.
  • Standard FPS Guns:
    • The Scatter Pistol seems like a pistol at first since it deals tons of damage to single targets, but in practice it acts more like an odd kind of shotgun, since wherever the Scatter Pistol fires, small pellets are launched from wherever it hit.
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    • The Flak Cannon plays the part of a flamethrower (its pre-Acid projectiles even look like flame particles!) since it can spray blocks rapidly in a wide range. However, it doesn't deal damage over time unless you have Acid.
    • The Plasma Beam fires a continuous laser that, when upgraded with Acid and Punch, is useful for tagging blocks with acid and focusing on getting as many tags as possible.
    • The Particle Ball fits in with the "chainsaw" melee, as it slices through blocks like nobody's business. Of course, there are upgrades that make the carnage even more severe, widen the ball's range, or allow for an area-of-effect attack every few seconds. And acid damage.
    • The Spread Rifle is a cross between a shotgun and an assault rifle. The gun can be upgraded to fire massive horizontal walls of bullets extremely quickly, but the spread might become too much to handle...
    • And finally, the Rocket Launcher, which fires clusters of rockets that do massive damage, but unlike the other weapons, these rockets are slow. They can also be upgraded to launch a rocket vertically for every rocket that collides with a wall or block.
  • Time Travel: Pretty much implied by the title.

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