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The newest, most spectacular innovation in audio-visual enchantment.

"Time is running out where angels are now demons and vice versa, and human emotion is no longer a valid format, there is one entity ready to put his foot down and say "NO!" Play as a timid left foot determined to make a mark on the work that's ever so crumbling around him. Make your way through exhilarating, and enchanting landscapes. Move with Shoe. Live with Shoe. Breath with Shoe. Be. Shoe.
-an excerpt from one of the game's trailers

Ticket is an odd 2D platformer developed by Magicdweedoo birthed into the world on 16th August, 2016 on both Steam and

There, you play as Shoe, a timid left foot ready to make his mark on the world ever so crumbling around him. In this game, Shoe goes on a grand 12 level journey where we see him befriend a man of smoke, go within an old man's crumbling brain just to find his way out, go grocery shopping, and much more. Shoe's quest is a tale of happiness, sorrow, despair, and love. Will you help Shoe save the world?


This grand adventure holds a few examples of:

  • Animate Inanimate Object: This is seen as far as the timid left foot you are given the pleasure to control.
  • Art Shift: This happens tons of times throughout the game, ranging from a level with clay figures for the graphics to another using a somewhat faux-anime look.
  • Big Bad: The Devil himself ends up being the bad guy and final boss of the game. He gets quite mad at Shoe for "spreading your filth."
  • Enemy Roll Call: The game gives you one of these after you finish the game showing you every character and their respective name, including the many alternate versions of enemies in the levels that include an Art Shift.
  • Fantastic Fruitsand Vegetables: In some levels, you can pick up apples that cause Shoe to levitate through the air. That's a good apple.
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  • Goomba Stomp: Shoe does this to many of his foes. It's one of the things you can do as a timid left foot, ready to make his mark on the world that is ever so crumbling around him.
  • Gravity Screw: Some levels involve the gravity being flipped upside down for some level variety.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: The Devil tries to trick you in the final level by wearing Groucho Marx glasses and a fake, kind demeanor to lure you into his track
  • Playable Menu: The level Blue Map takes this very literally where the world map becomes the level.
  • Spring Coil: One of the game's powerups gives Shoe one of these on his soles.
  • The Power of Friendship: Shoe can use many of the friends he made along the way to damage The Devil in the final fight. Shoe can call upon his friends and witness as they do an incredible feat to damage The Devil in some way.