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Video Game / The Upgrading Tree

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Shown: Prestige, Boosters, Generators, Time, Space.

The Upgrading Tree is an Idle Game made in The Modding Tree by Qw Qe 308 and released in 2022. It focuses on a side layer where you can get Upgrade Points for different resources that can be spent on upgrades that unlock features or provide a boost to production. Those resources are taken from the original Prestige Tree, but they have their own spin on it.

The game is playable here.

This game provides examples of:

  • A.I.-Generated Economy: The Automation layer lets you reset for automation points that are allocated to different autobuyers which can be enabled/disabled and have a different interval.
  • Cap: Time Energy generated by Time Capsules is limited by the latter and based on Upgrade Points. This gets removed once you have the first Time upgrade.
  • Challenge Run: There are a few challenges in the Upgrade tab where you have to buy an upgrade and reach a t threshold to be allowed entry. Entering a challenge also removes all upgrades without refunding Upgrade Points, making it The first one does not weaken anything, while the second sets the time exponent to 0.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Each layer has its own color which is almost always changed from the original Prestige Tree.
    • Prestige: Light blue
    • Boosters: Dark blue
    • Generators: Dark green
    • Time: Light green
    • Space: White
  • Double Unlock: To enter a challenge, you first have to get an upgrade that unlocks it and then reach the enter requirement for it.
  • Export Save: You can push a button to export the 2KB+ save file and another to paste it into a pop-up window. Unlike most games made in its engine, the file is not encoded in Base64.
  • Not His Sled: At first the layer structure is exactly the same as the original Prestige Tree, with you first unlocking Prestige and then picking either Boosters or Generators, with both being a viable early option, and soon having both. But then you get to choose Time and Space, and unlike the original where both were a good selection (with there also being Enhance), you're practically forced to go after Time first since the requirement for the first Space reset is far too high to be reasonable with the upgrade points you have at that time.
  • Reset Milestones: u31 and u32 unlock Booster/Generator Milestones, respectively. Both of them provide some beneficial effects like keeping Prestige upgrades on Booster reset and raising Booster effect by ^1.25, even if they are not shown to the player in-game.
  • Skill Point Reset:
    • You can reset Upgrade Points all the time so you can allocate them to different U upgrades, but that causes a U reset.
    • You can reset the Space layer to assign Space to different buildings, but it does not give those resources back, so you'll need to grind for them again.