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Video Game / The Settlers: Rise of an Empire

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The Settlers: Rise Of An Empire is the sixth in a series of Real-Time Strategy games made by Blue Byte and published by Ubisoft. Released in 2007, the game tells the story of the Darion Empire rising to glory in a war against the Red Prince and his evil kingdom. The expansion pack, The Eastern Realm, released in 2008, introduces a new campaign and new Big Bad, Khana.

Gameplay generally consists of giving orders to build a city and watching them be carried out by the namesake Settlers, or peasants of your kingdom. It is possible to build extremely elaborate towns. In the later levels, millitary action becomes increasingly important as you travel into the heart of the Red Prince's territory.

Unusually for a RTS, the game has a core cast of Knights: Marcus, Alandra, Elias, Kestral, Hakim and Thordal. These characters function as special units within the game and introduce missions in the briefing room. However, they have surprisingly well-developed personalities as well as unique abilities, and are one of the more entertaining aspects of the game.


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