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The initial ring, with all the Aspects and Skaia.

The Prestreestuck is an Idle Game based on Homestuck, made in The Modding Tree by ducdat0507 and released in 2021. It starts you off with layers based on Aspects, with the only one available being Time, but then you gain access to Space, Mind, Heart, etc., then new layers with massive numbers (after a while, ee1000 doesn't sound like much).

The game is playable on and GitHub.

Warning! While the game changelog hides spoilery content to avoid Interface Spoiler, doing the same for this page would add an utter heap of blank space, so if you want to experience the game organically without spoiling any game mechanic surprises, it would be best to play all of Act 0 first before checking this page.

This game provides examples of:

  • Achievement System: In the middle of Act 0's tree, you have the Skaia node that earns Echepoints when you finish Echetasks, like doing Hope/Rage resets, completing Rage chalenges, and doing Light/Void research/enchancements respectively, and goes up a level on the Echeladder once you earn enough. It doesn't do anything until you reach level 22 and can BEGIN THE PLAN, but after a while Echepoints won't come from achievements anyway.
  • A.I.-Generated Economy: Like many games of this sort, you can frequently get upgrades that'll let you buy other upgrades automatically or generate resources without resetting. The stock market in particular will automatically buy low and sell high whenever possible once you buy an upgrade for 1e11 boondollars.
  • All the Worlds Are a Stage:
    • "THE ULTIMATE RAGE" Rage challenge combines effects of all four previous challenges.
    • Separate from the common challenge example for Modding Tree games, once you "REACH BEYOND THE CIRCLE" all the different aspects merge into one Aspect layer, while making things "INFLATE" merges Aspects, Classes, Prospit/Derse and Skaia into a single Meta layer.
  • Anti-Frustration Features: One of the Meta-Meta Faucets costs Meta-Metaness to purchase. By the time you unlock it, you'll be able to get Meta-Metaness automatically for free, but the Meta-Metaness Faucet doesn't deduct any Meta-Metaness so you don't have to time it right.
  • Bilingual Bonus: If you do understand the Daedric alphabet, cool, you can read upgrade/challenge names. If not, doesn't matter, the game's still totally playable.
  • Cap:
    • Stock prices don't fall below 3 boondollars.
    • The number of Meta-Aspects is limited to 2000 of each type, while for Meta-Classes and Meta-Meta-Faucets it's 1000.
    • The initially third tab for Meta has Limitations, which are 8e78,912 Metaness, F1.798e308 points, and 5.700e200 black hole eras. The first one soon gets expanded.
  • Challenge Run: Starting from the Rage node with 3 Rage essences, you can take part in challenges that restrict things or lower resource gain to win discounts or boosts for the main game.
  • Character Class System: The layer after Aspects has you buy powers for Classes, which include all the standard ones like Rogue, Seer, and Bard as well as the Master Classes Muse and Lord.
  • Cypher Language: The game uses the Daedric alphabet for upgrade names.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: The button for claiming Meta-Metaness is on the left, while the button for Overflows is on the right, but that's because the one for respeccing them is on the left. But when you can Dilate Time to gain Eternities, the button for prestiging is on the left, so you're more than likely to end up respeccing Eternities which does nothing for the first time.
  • Emoticon: "THE ULTIMATE RAGE" Wrath challenge's last description ends with ">:D".
  • Exact Words: There are plenty of layer milestones that both keep earlier upgrades, milestones, and boosts on further layer resets and give those same things on future layer resets. Entering and exiting challenges is coded to count as a layer reset, so faster progress after higher layer resets sometimes involves taking a moment to enter and exit one.
  • Export Save: You can export the 15KB+ save file to clipboard and paste it into the in-game window which can inflate up to 600KB+ by the endgame. You can also import save files taken from specific moments of the game from a save bank.
  • Interface Spoiler: Defied in the game's changelog, which puts elements that may be considered spoilers under markup and only reveals them when you hold click it.
  • Loads and Loads of Loading: In an in-universe sense, the entire Act 0 is basically the process of loading a game of Sburb (such as creating the Aspects, Skaia, the classes, populating Prospit and Derse, etc), which will take a good bit of time for the player.
  • Overly Long Gag: Four of the last Skaia layer's upgrades improve the previous upgrade's effects, to the point the game gets kinda sick of it.
  • Player Nudge: There are many points in the Meta layer where progress will slow down and the game will say "Sometimes the best way to continue is to start again.", meaning you need to either Ascend or reset upgrades to progress further despite having over 100% Metaness gain from Meta-Heart upgrades and no upgrades to respec into: at around the F1e20 point mark for Meta-Aspects, around the F1e100 point mark for Limitations, around 2 Overflows for Meta Classes, around 6e16 Metaness for Meta-Faucets, respeccing Eternity upgrades periodically starting at 105 Meta-Faucets for point boosts, and Ascending at 1.5e30 Metaness to unlock Sacrifice.
  • Point of No Return:
    • After moving beyond the ring, you can no longer click on the nodes related to aspects or see the original Skaia node parts (you wouldn't really have a reason though, except maybe to see what the upgrade names were again).
    • After buying the "INFLATE" upgrade, you can no longer click on the nodes related to the previous layers or the Skaia node, as the latter's now the Meta layer.
  • Portmantitle: The title is a portmanteau of "Prestige", "Tree", and "-stuck".
  • Reset Milestones:
    • Starting with Heart and Mind, most layers have a list of milestones based on resource amounts that provide plenty of benefits, such as boosts, automation, and permanently keeping earlier content.
    • The Sacrifice tab for the Meta layer, in addition to providing a multiplier boost to Overflow and Eternity effects, has a list of milestones that go even further with benefits than previous layers, such as more automation, boosting other mechanics, starting with an increasing amount of Overflows and Eternities after sacrifice, gradually gaining the multiplier increase without resetting, and unlocking the next tab in Meta-Meta-Faucets. After unlocking the tab for building Sburb you get even more beneficial milestones.
  • Set Bonus: After getting all the signs in a row in the Prospit/Derse layer, you get a Symphony bonus that can increase Aspect Point gain, Prospite/Dersite Point gain, etc.
  • Skill Point Reset:
    • You can respec Hope upgrades, which can be useful as upgrades in one row make other ones in the same row more expensive, but you don't get spent Hope Power back.
    • You can respec Overflow and Eternity upgrades, which can be useful as Overflow and Eternity are limited resources, with no strings attached (though it still does a reset). Given respeccing when points slow down boosts them a bit, it's sometimes necessary to do if the Sacrifice multiplier doesn't increase enough.
  • Stock Market Game: In addition to accessing the Life layer, choosing to "BEGIN THE PLAN" unlocks the Porkhollow tab for the Skaia layer, which has a minigame where you use boondollars to buy stock when it's low and sell when it's high, since higher money provides an increasing multiplier, but since there's a "taxation" system past 1e10 that gradually decreases the amount, buying and selling stocks is necessary to keep the money increasing at a useful rate.
  • Year Inside, Hour Outside: Once you buy the Meta-Meta-Meta Upgrade enough times, the game will says you've spent years or even longer time measuring units like megannums in the Meta-Ascension, even if you've been there for minutes.