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Back when internet play was something to boast about
The Perfect General is a series of two Turn-Based Strategy (Turn-Based Tactics, technically) games, created by White Wolf Productions and distributed by Quantum Quality Productions (QQP). The original came out in 1991, the sequel came out in 1994, then after the rights were purchased, a re-release came out in 2003.

In the game, you control an army on one of several hexagonal maps, many based on historical battles (like its competitor Panzer General), assign your troops and either wipe them out or (more likely) earn the most points for holding the most cities.

The game is notable for being one of the first games playable via modem. 1991-era modem, but nevertheless a modem.

This game contains examples of:

  • Copy Protection: Want to play this game? Hope you've got the manual. Or know where to find a manual. Or know how to reverse-engineer.
  • Fog of War: Standard; can be affected by geography, weather and fog. (Not of war.)
  • Fragile Speedster: Armored cars can move 9 hexes per turn but die to practically anything. They're still good for recon and transport.
  • Geo Effects: Both built onto the map (forests restrict your line of sight, hills are slow to climb but give you more range, roads speed you up, deserts slow you down and are generally obnoxious) and affecting some turns (mud, storms, etc).
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  • Glass Cannon: Befitting the name, any artillery unit.
  • Mighty Glacier: Heavy Tanks. Powerful, but can only move 4 hexes per turn.
  • The Engineer: Naturally, the engineer. You probably don't want to fight with these guys, but they can build bridges and set mines (and hold cities).
  • Tank Goodness: For obvious reasons.


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