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Video Game / The Gardens Between

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A 2018 indie puzzle game from developers The Voxel Agents.

Arina and Frendt are next door neighbors and best friends. While sitting in their treehouse one stormy night, a crack of thunder sends the two into a bizarre landscape.

Now the two must navigate towering puzzles filled with memories to find their way home, using the ability to rewind and forward time.

But what awaits the two at the end may be too painful to finish...

  • All Just a Dream: The whole game is implied to just be a metaphorical journey for the two, as they dread the coming move for Frendt.
  • Best Friend: Arina and Frendt are thick as thieves, living right next door to the other and always hanging out. Which makes the situation of moving away crushing for both of them.
  • Motif: Memories. The puzzles are filled with allusions to Arina and Frendt palling around and making mischief. And how those memories will always be there, even though Frendt is moving away.
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  • The Reveal: After finishing the last puzzle, the game returns to a hugging Arina and Frendt. Along with the 'Sold' sign on Frendt's house and his packed up car.