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Video Game / The Game of the Ages

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The Game of the Ages is an Adventure Game based on "The Duel of the Ages," a parody novella that was based in turn on two poorly selling fantasy series by Sam Stoddard and Dave Parker.

Your hometown, the Village of Boredom, is plagued by a race called the Shadows. To defeat them, you must explore other worlds, become a wizard and conquer an army or two along the way.

The game includes a much-hyped "secret area" that offers no particular clues as to its location. It's playable online at Adventure Games Live.

The Game of the Ages provides examples of:

  • Bag of Holding: Gasald's sack is big enough to carry the entire nearby cave. The character's counterpart in the source novel had an entire world in his sack.
  • Broken Bridge: A wide desert keeps you from progressing until the plot sees fit to offer you a horse and a map.
  • Clap Your Hands If You Believe: Many magical items turn out to contain no intrinsic power, but your initial belief in them imbue them with actual magic.
  • Department of Redundancy Department: Besides the Village Idiot of Stupidity, enjoy your Magic Armor of Magic.
  • The Ditz: The Village Idiot of Stupidity, who thinks a pick in the corner of the room keeps the roof from falling down.
  • Soapbox Square: A man in the Laorsis Square stands on a soapbox to protest littering. His soapbox turns out to be the object of this particular puzzle, and you use it several times in your later adventures.