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A series of humorous Game Mods for Doom by Cyb, beginning with The Adventures of MassMouth (2000), followed by MassMouth 2 (2003). A prequel, Massmouthmas, was released in 2004.

The series features Massmouth, a green, one-eyed alien in the employ of an intergalactic magnate, The Worm, who loves collecting unique and valuable artifacts. Massmouth is one of the men tasked with retrieving stuff for The Worm from a variety of planets, and such quests are what the original The Adventures of MassMouth consists of.

MassMouth 2, boasting a more complex storyline, sees The Worm's base attacked by mysterious invaders and The Worm kidnapped, prompting Massmouth to head out to rescue his boss. Massmouthmas is a "Christmas special" puzzle level.

Note that Massmouth was originally a skin for Quake II by Stephen Monteith.

The mods are designed for the game port ZDoom. (Unfortunately, the latest versions of ZDoom appear to have some compatibility problems which may make certain parts unpassable without cheats.)


Tropes featured in the entire series:

  • CamelCase: Variable—the author sometimes spells the protagonist's name as "MassMouth", and sometimes simply as "Massmouth".
  • Cyclops: Massmouth. He also appears as a bot in Skulltag (a Doom source port focused on multiplayer) where one of his lines is a complaint about his lack of peripheral vision.
    • The Worm (whose appearance is taken from Half-Life: Opposing Force's Pit Worm.)
  • Idiot Hero: Massmouth doesn't seem to be very bright. Especially visible in Massmouth 2, where his lines are basically mostly "what?" or "uh?"
  • Nintendo Hard: MassMouth 2, as well as the later parts of The Adventures of MassMouth. Oooh boy. The enemies aren't numerous, but they have a lot of health, hit really hard, all while ammo is very scarce.
  • Reference Overdosed: There are a lot of direct quotes and shout-outs (for example, the Worm's employees have names like Freeman and Spock). Furthermore, many of the enemies and characters include real-life persons or are taken straight out of other games, such as Half-Life, though they're given different names.
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  • Species Surname: The Worm, though it might be just a nickname.

Tropes in The Adventures of Massmouth:

Tropes in Massmouth 2:


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