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Tetris is back!

A sequel wherein you get six different challenges, or "worlds". You play Tetris in your play area, or tetrion, to help the Minos escape. You must complete all six up to level 15 to get the Golden Ending, and to access classic Tetris. The variants are as follows:

  • Tetris: The classic game.
  • Square Tetris: Tetris with double the goal, but you're allowed to combine tetrominos into squares. Clearing a line with part of a gold square, made of the same tetromino, in it, nets the player 10 bonus lines. Clearing a line with part of a silver square nets the player 5 bonus lines.
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  • Cascade Tetris: A variant wherein gravity is universal. Gravity is important to determining levels.
  • Sticky Tetris: Clear the bottom line of "garbage blocks", but pieces of the same color stick together. Create a 25-square shape and it disappears instantly.
  • Hotline Tetris: Six hotlines which are the only lines that count. Higher hotlines give more points.
  • Fusion Tetris: Similar to Sticky Tetris, but with a "fusion block" in the bottom line, and you must fuse indestructible "atom blocks" with the "fusion block".


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