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Tales from the Commonwealth XB1 PC is an extensive world building mod that adds hundreds of new characters as well as a ton of new quests, three new companions and dialogue to Fallout 4. Join a gang of raiders, find a new way to deliver mail via computer terminals, visit a brothel, shake people down for money, make new friends and enemies... the possibilities for adventure are endless!

This game mod provides examples of:

  • Affably Evil: Black Eye Bobby and his gang of raiders are pretty friendly for a bunch of thugs and bandits. Most raiders would just shoot you on sight and throw you in a ditch, instead Bobby offers you a place in the gang and rewards you handsomely for doing his jobs.
    • Cueball is a brothel owner who isn't too picky about who his crew hires for the work.
  • Afraid of Blood: Cueball, who is quite squeamish and asks that you not share any messy details of the work you do for him.
  • The Alcoholic: Cueball, the owner of the Boston Bordello. He reveres the stuff like its some sort of divine elixir of life.
  • Bad Boss: Friendly as he is, Bobby is still a raider boss and doesn't tolerate incompetence lightly. Disappoint him and he might start smashing your toes with a hammer or even just straight up shank you.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Near the end of the quest Vote of Confidence, if you were able to convince everybody to vote for him, Birdie's real name is revealed to be Bertrand Watanabe, revealing him to be half-Japanese.
  • Hypocritical Humor: William Whipple, a Mr. Handy programmed with the personality of a founding father.
    "Freedom and liberty are the principals of any nation. Now, where are my slaves?"
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  • Infant Immortality: Averted. A young girl is kidnapped by super mutants and dies long before the player reaches her. The best they can do is take her corpse back to her family for a funeral, and the only way to avert it is to leave her family defenseless against another group of enemies.
  • It Will Never Catch On: Sending mail between unconnected terminals? No way something like that could ever work!
  • New-Age Retro Hippie: A group of peace-loving wasteland hippies have moved into the Fiddler's Green Trailer Park, each with a hilariously stereotypical name like Cosmos, Earthstone or Crystal Moonbeam.
  • Optional Sexual Encounter: The Boston Bordello has several prostitutes that the Sole Survivor can sleep with for a small fee.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Black Eye Bobby and his raider gang don't like killing people if they can be put to use instead. Why cap someone when they have much more value as a potential ally?
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  • Suicidal Pacifism: The Fiddler's Green hippies. When one of their members accidentally killed a raider in self defense their leader is appalled and chews him out over it.
  • The One Guy: Out of the three companions of this mod who can join you, Birdie is the only male.
  • Wrench Wench: Spitball, one of Bobby's raiders who works on robotics.
  • You Are Too Late: Surprisingly used in the quest Love and Peace where two options are given about who the player helps. One ending will have the player find Crystal Moonbeam already long dead by the time they arrive. The only thing they can do is bring the body back for a proper burial. The other ending have the player rescue Crystal but arrive too late to save everyone else.

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