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Video Game / Taboo: The Sixth Sense

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Name: This Troper
Birthdate: 10.10.90
Gender: M
Question: Will I get a description?

Taboo: The Sixth Sense is a video game released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989, developed by Rare and published by Tradewest. It's a game involving Tarot Cards. Everything from the Major and Minor Arcana is present.

First, the player has to tell their name, birthdate, gender, and question (none of which has any bearing on the reading you receive), then the cards get shuffled. After that, ten cards are shown, with predictions and advice. And after that, depending on the state the player selected, they may get one to eight different lucky numbers.

I will now deal the tropes:

  • Blue with Shock: The Hanged Man's face is blue, because he was... well, hanged.
  • Content Warnings: The back cover warns that the game is not intended for players under the age of 14 and is meant for entertainment purposes only. The 8-bit nudity on the High Priestess, Lovers, and Strength cards are the most likely reason for the former. Weirdly enough, it's an officially licensed Nintendo game in spite of both that and some religious imagery.
  • The Emperor: One of the cards.
  • Engrish: Bizarrely, the game is not Japanese, but the fortune templates don't bother with any kind of natural-sounding flow between setup and payoff or even any regard for basic grammar, resulting in some very awkward, confusing and clunky sentences (e.g. "Your present position is use skill, willpower or self-confidence to influence a situation.").
  • Epileptic Flashing Lights: The lights when the cards are shuffled are pretty painful.
  • The Fool: Present as a card.
  • Grim Reaper: Death, obviously. The only thing he lacks is the cape.
  • The Hermit: Also one of the cards.
  • Scales of Justice: The Justice card is depicted as a scale.
  • Scare Chord: The Devil card announces itself with an alarmingly abrupt leitmotif.
  • Shadow Archetype: You may run into reversed cards which are (usually) negative.
  • Shout-Out: The leitmotif for Strength sounds suspiciously close to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger".
  • Tarot Troubles: If you get cards like Death or Hanged Man.
  • The Tower: One of the cards, as well.
  • Weird Moon: The Moon card is presented as an actual crescent, with the edge of its hollowed space resembling a skull in profile.

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