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Video Game / Supra Mayro Bross

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supra mayro bross (sometimes referred to as Supra Mayro Bross: Legend of the Lost Kingdom) is a Super Mario Bros. fan game made by Youtube user reallyhandsomepeople/EricTheCoolDude. In this game, Mayro must get past all the Gumbas, and possibly the "BIGER GUMBA". Due to its advanced graphics and high-quality soundtrack, Supra Mayro Bross has achieved memetic status and has spawned a few fan games of its own.

It can be played here.

A spinoff titled Supra Mayro Kratt was released on Kongregate in 2012, playable here. Kratt has been played/MST'd by Vinesauce during a stream.

A third upcoming Mayro game, titled "Supra Mayro 64," has been announced. Mayro needs to make his way through several "classic clevels reinmagine" in order to hhelp pesh's kingome, and possibly meet up with a speedy blue rival along the way.


Fanmade games of the series include:

Note that Supra Smash Bross is no longer a Mayro fangame due to being Screwed by the Lawyers, and has become a Smash Bros. parody instead.
  • Supre Smesh Bras

This game series contains the following tropes: