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Super Marisa World is a Touhou Project/Mario mashup, using the former's characters and the latter's mechanics. Of course, this being Touhou, there are naturally a lot more things shooting at you than in most platformers, especially during boss battles. Contrary to the name, Super Mario World is not the only Mario game referenced—boss battles are based off of battles from the original, 3, World, World 2, Land, Land 2, Dr. Mario, and despite being a 3D game, Sunshine. Of course, this is only a loose guide, as many of these battles seem a bit more...Touhou-like.


As for the rest of the play, it's pretty much exactly like Super Mario World, with the Fire Flower replaced by a Miko Suit and the cape replaced by a broom. Oh, right, and Rumia is playing the role of Yoshi while acting like a Starman, for some reason. There's no English patch, but the only dialogue is before and after boss fights, anyway. If you must know what was being said, you can find a transcript here.

Not to be confused with Super Marisa Land or New Super Marisa Land.


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