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Video Game / Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari: Hajimari no Ishi

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Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari: Hajimari no Ishi (often known in English as Summon Night: Swordcraft Story: Stone of Beginnings) is an Action RPG developed by Flight-Plan for the Game Boy Advance. It is the third and final title in the Summon Night spinoff Swordscraft Story series and is sequel to Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2. The game was released in Japan in December of 2005.

The protagonist was the Craftknight apprentice of Rob and his summon beast, V.E. One day Rob was killed, making V.E the protagonist's new master. Later, while chasing a summon beast that attacked V.E., the protagonist meets a mysterious girl named Murno. After the protagonist saves Murno and her summon beast, Murno begins living with them. This, however, causes the series of events that start the plot.

Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari: Hajimari no Ishi introduces the ability to create arrows. The player can also now to play as their summon beast.


The game was a japanese exclusive title, due to it being a late-release title for the Advance and Atlus moving on to localize Nintendo DS games instead. Until Christmas 2021, that is, when a Fan Translation patch has been released to the public.

This game provides examples of:

  • Badass Teacher: V.E, especially when she saves the main character with an absolutely badass flying kick dealt to one of the villains.
  • Butt-Monkey : Velvoren is a weak, useless Summoner that gets often abused even by the main cast. Craving for power, he lets himself be absorbed by Govan's Sword, and becomes the Final Boss.
  • Cast from Hit Points: The Summon Beasts' special attacks require hit points to cast.
  • Canon Name: Ritchburn and Rifmonica for the male and female protagonists respectively.
  • Cool Big Sis: V.E is the sister (treated as such anyways, technically the former master's Summon Beast) AND master of the main character.
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  • Fragile Speedster: Enzi, the fully animal Guardian Beast. Fast, spammy, but his HP and Defense leaves something to be desired. The player character can be one of these by focusing on Knuckles.
  • I Never Said It Was Poison: This is how Tram found out about Anise's true self.
  • In-Series Nickname: Canonically, "Ritchie" for Ritchburn and "Rif" for Rifmonica.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Robot Buddy Run-Dor's true form. Loses the jump prohibition, gains a good chunk of movement speed, his special becomes a powerful projectile, he maintains his excessive amounts of HP and Defense, and he hits even harder than before. Ouch.
  • Master of None: The Guardian Beast Rufeel, the green one wearing a summer hat, is an all-around GB who can use all kinds of spell but she isn't the strongest with any of them.
  • Mighty Glacier: Run-Dor, the orange robot Guardian Beast. Can't jump, very slow, hits like a truck. The player character can also be one of these if they focus on Axes.
  • Nintendo Hard: Breaking opponents weapons, even with the right skills, is not very easy. And if you did it, they might have a second. Have fun.
  • Noble Demon: Killfith.
  • Puzzle Boss: The final boss. It fully renegerates health when downed, but the real target is the sword he's wielding. Breaking the opponent's weapon is finally mandatory, so better not forget your drill. A very fitting end for the trilogy.
  • Squishy Wizard: Killfith, the purple-haired demon Guardian Beast. None too powerful fighting himself, but his Magic rating is leagues ahead of the other three. Late-game, he can one-spell encounters, and on top of all this, he gets the most and the strongest heals, including a revive.
  • Tag Team: This game finally lets your Guardian Beast tag in for you with one of its spells, and will do so automatically if you die with that spell in your active spells list.
  • Tsundere: The Guardian Beast Killfith.
  • Unholy Holy Sword: It's the final boss, mind you.