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Video Game / Stratosphere: Conquest of the Skies

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Stratosphere: Conquest of the Skies is Vehicular combat game and also a real-time strategy PC game, developed by Kodiak Interactive and published by Ripcord Games in 1998. Stratosphere focuses on floating island battles which players control.

Via an editor, you can add different enhancements to it, like new engines, rudders or cannons. In 40 missions you have to battle other fortresses and fullfill various mission objectives.

This Video Game contains examples of:

  • 2-D Space: Despite that the game features flying fortresses, all combat is on the same plane.
  • Face–Heel Turn: A blond man.
  • Ramming Always Works: When weapons fail — and it does happen, since your enemies do not particularly like the idea of being swatted out of the air and react accordingly - it's often possible to just floor it and pray your fortress' ramming spikes are stronger than the other's walls. This causes inordinate amount of damage even when successful, but the fact that fortresses self-rebuild and repair given enough resources and time makes it a viable tactic.
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  • You Require More Vespene Gas: You will certainly need resources to build up your floating island.