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Video Game / Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles

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Star Wars: Episode I - Jedi Power Battles was first released on the Playstation in the year 2000 by LucasArts, and loosely followed the plot of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Perhaps the first Star Wars Legends game to allow players to play together as Jedi in a two-player, co-op romp through the various scenes of The Phantom Menace.

Each Jedi had their own fighting style, and small assortment of unique force powers, as well as the shared ability to block, and redirect shots back at the firers.

It was ported to the Dreamcast later that year with some changes, such as a training mode, and a vs mode. The game was also released on the GBA, two years later, as Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles.


This game has the following Tropes:

  • Badass Normal: The unlockable Battle Droid character along with the other characters armed with guns. They make do mowing their enemies down with their guns and beating them to death with their bare hands
  • Continuity Snarl: Mace Windu's Lightsaber. One could make the argument that Episode II had not yet come out (and was, in fact, barely in production) and Samuel L. Jackson had to plead with George Lucas for the distinctive purple color since Lucas had established "Good guys are blue and green." However, this game features Plo Koon weilding a gold saber and Adi Gallia running around with "Bad Guy Red". So with Obi-Wan already using blue (and the force toggles being Color-Coded for Your Convenience), why stick Mace with blue as well?
    • Funnily enough, the Dreamcast version of the game included Ki-Adi-Mundi as a playable character, who is given a purple blade.
  • Logo Joke: The LucasArts logo guy must have been a favorite of the dev team; Not only does he turn the swoop above his head into a lightsaber, deflecting a pair of blaster shots, but he leaps into the screen to deal with his unseen attacker.
  • Mighty Glacier: Plo Koon
  • Mythology Gag: Which character of the initial set can easily defeat Darth Maul in the final battle by spamming X (on the Playstation), chipping away Maul's health and preventing him from counterattacking? Why, Qui-Gon Jinn, of course!
    • And doing this unlocks Maul himself as a playable character (albeit with a single blade), who can dispatch his doppelganger in a similarly quick fashion, and with the same button.
      • Which lets Maul string a combo identical to Obi-Wan's Square-Button combo. So that's three easy-kills.
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  • Spared by the Adaptation: Qui-Gon survives the final battle with Darth Maul and is clearly seen standing with the other Jedi and citizens of Naboo during the ending celebration.
  • Tank Goodness: One of the stages allows the player(s) to jump into an AAT tank, and go blasting around the city of Theed.


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