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Spasim (short for Space Simulation) is the first truly 3D videogame, as well as the first true 3D online multiplayer game. It was written by Jim Bowery for the PLATO Network in 1974. It was inspired by Empire, and like Empire, used ships and weapons based on Star Trek.

Spasim is a First-Person Shooter for up to 32 players, in four teams of up to 8 players each. The first version was a simple Shoot 'em Up with phasers and torpedoes. The second version added home planets, space stations, and resource management. Teams had to work together in order to reach a distant planet filled with resources, while preventing rebellions on their home planets.

Spasim inspired Silas Warner to write a 3D dogfighting game called Airace, which evolved into Brand Fortner's Airfight and then into Sublogic's Flight Simulator (now Microsoft Flight Simulator). It also inspired John Edo Haefeli to write a tank game called Panther, which evolved into Atari's Battlezone.


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