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A Science Fiction spinoff of the Dungeon Siege franchise, Space Siege is an Action RPG set onboard a spaceship under attack by hostile aliens and cyborgs. It was released in 2008, and while it used to be available on Steam, it is no longer available.

Space Siege provides examples of:

  • Apocalypse How: Of Class X (Planetary Annihilation) with Class 1 (Societal Disruption) for those on Tachibana and Armstrong.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: The ships AI P.I.L.O.T. decides that the only way to save humanity from the Kerak is to convert everyone into cyborgs. Cyborgs under its control.
  • Assimilation Plot: P.I.L.O.T. attempting to assimilate all of humanity into its loyal cyborg minions.
  • Artificial Limbs: Cybernetic hand, arm, and legs implants.
  • BFG: The minigun and railgun are so big you need to be mostly cybernetic to use them.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: You can't use BFG's (in this game, truly massive guns that come in minigun and railgun flavours) unless your arm, chest, spine, and legs are bionic. They're just too brobdenaggian to use without tearing your limbs off with each shot otherwise. A cybernetic arm might be able to lift a car, but unless the rest of you can as well, trying only results in you hurting yourself.
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  • Blade Below the Shoulder: The shard-blade is attached to the forearm.
  • Communications Officer: Gina Reynolds was working at this position, which also allows her to locate the survivors after a botched defense against Kerak boarders.
  • Creepy Monotone/Machine Monotone: Many Cyborgs had computerized voice thanks to Unwilling Roboticization. Gina Reynolds also applies in Cyborg Evil Ending.
  • Creepy Twins: There are twin crews who are cybernetically enhanced and gave off Creepy Monotone as part of experiment involving their symbiosis before the Earth was destroyed.
  • Cyborg: The player character, and every non-Kerak enemy.
    • Later in the game, Kerak with cybernetic implants appear.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: Cybernetics decrease your "Humanity", which has very little impact on gameplay. It's the defining factor in a sub-plot, however. The fate of the other crews is not well though since their brain damage resulting from deliberately improper cryogenic awakening by Kerak to be easily processed into cyborg minions with no sense other than the destruction of their target. Then, it was revealed that they were created by P.I.L.O.T to save the humanity by processing a segment of the surviving population into cybernetic soldiers with the rest left for repopulation until he decided to process everyone.
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  • Disproportionate Retribution: According to the lore in-game and manual, Kerak's reason for the destruction of human race was for their colonization of a planet on Alpha Centauri system that was considered by them as sacred ground and retaliated them without warning.
  • Driven to Suicide: Dr. DeSoto decided to jump off the rails into the abyss when Jake confronts him in on Cyborg and P.I.L.O.T path.
  • Dual Wielding: Pistol type weapons are used two at a time.
  • Emergency Transformation: As stated above, Kerak with cyborg implants appear late in the game.
    • P.I.L.O.T. tries to pull this on all of humanity.
  • For Want of a Nail: Delta Team were close enough to detonate the pod until the Sole Survivor of the team was killed by swarmers. That failure was enough to drive the main plot along with P.I.L.O.T to initiate forced cybernetic enhancement on the crews.
  • Gatling Good: A minigun appears as a late-game weapon.
  • Grenade Launcher: The Frag Rifle. It's got the most per-shot damage in the game, but doesn't get DPS upgrades.
  • Homeworld Evacuation: The intro cutscene had this but ISCS Armstrong was the only one that made it out of the invasion.
  • Hopeless War/Curbstomp Battle: Right after human colonized Alpha Centauri, which Kerak viewed it as sacrilege and responded with genocide, the Earth's fleet were annihilated and eventually reduced to handful of survivors on ISCS Armstrong and Tachibana. Depends if player choose to side with P.I.L.O.T to assimilate every crew member in response to Kerak's hunt.
  • Kill It with Fire: the Fire Clips ability; the Fusion Beam Cannon weapon.
  • Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better: Most projectile weapons outperform the Sonic Blaster and Fusion Beam weapons, even with the permanent incendiary effect of the latter.
  • Laser Blade: Subverted; the melee weapon looks like a lightsaber, but it's a bunch of razor blades contained in a magnetic beam.
  • Lightning Gun: The Lightning Pistols.
  • Magnetic Weapons: The shardblade is a beam of magnetic force that suspends a bunch of razors in mid-air; wielded punch-dagger style. The railgun works on similar principles.
  • Multiple Endings: Based on amounts of Cybernetics that Seth has and whether to join with P.I.L.O.T (See Downer Ending entry) or not (see Bittersweet Ending).
    • Bittersweet Ending : Less so on 100% Human since Seth and Gina enter into romantic relationship in contrast to Cyborg ending replacing it for Seth's contemplation on his choice on sacrificing in humanity. Other than these two differences, Kerak and P.I.L.O.T's cybernetic minions are driven out of Armstrong but her crew and possibly Tachibana are few of the humans left in the universe with Keraks still on their trail to hunt them to extinction.
    • Downer Ending: Seth and P.I.L.O.T transformed all of the Armstrong's crew, which was emphasized through Gina Reynolds' fate and newly-enhanced voice, into Cyborgs with possibly giving the same treatment to the survivors on Tachibana.
  • No Transhumanism Allowed: Gina Reynolds opposed Seth's decision on implanting himself with Cybernetics, but for good reasons right after having run from cyborg crews who have become mindless and aggressive.
  • Painful Transformation: Seth lets out a strangled scream every time you implant a cybernetic.
  • Plug 'n' Play Prosthetics: Seth is able to use any implant he finds, up to and including an entire new head as soon as he stops screaming.
  • Robot Buddy: HR-V (Harvey)
  • Scary Dogmatic Aliens: The Kerak decide to wipe out humanity for attempting to colonize a world sacred to them; thought to be their homeworld.
  • Serial Prostheses: Cyborg enemies call "dibs" on Seth's implants, usually his eyes or arms.
  • Shown Their Work: You can't use superheavy weapons unless you have over 50% cybernetics-legs, spine, chest, right arm.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: Invoked; there are two abilities that involve turning the Shardblade into a projectile weapon.
  • Trans Human Treachery: Zig-Zagged; you can choose to destroy the insane AI P.I.L.O.T. or side with it no matter what your humanity score.
    • Invoked/Enforced when P.I.L.O.T. added a neural implant to all the cyborg enemies to make them loyal to it.
  • Unwilling Roboticization: P.I.L.O.T. pulls people from cryosleep and cyborgifies them. By the end of the game, the enemy cyborgs are so heavily augmented that they look like Walking Tanks.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: P.I.L.O.T, based on his logic on survival of humanity against Kerak's encroachment.
  • Will They or Won't They?: Seth and Gina Reynolds seems to have this trope. Having 100% Human ending will have Gina Reynolds falling in love with Seth.
  • You Are in Command Now: After General Vargas became a giant cyborg; Gina Reynolds, Jake, and Seth are the closest thing keeping the last surviving humans calm on ISCS Armstrong.
  • Zerg Rush: the aptly-named Swarmer enemy.