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A VR Nightmare.

Sophie's Guardian is a Free-To-Play VR Horror Game by GameCoder Studios and Render Farm Studios.

Sophie is a young girl with a Teddy Bear who loves her very much. They do everything together, and that teddy bear has been by Sophie's side for a very long time.

When Sophie's family moves to a new house, she's pretty bummed about it, and the teddy can tell. They decide to go exploring the house, and stumble across a mysterious closed door. Upon opening it, the two find themselves in a very scary situation. They're quickly enveloped in darkness, and before the bear knows it, he's separated from Sophie.

However, he soon discovers that he can also move by himself. So, getting up, he arms himself and decides that he needs to protect his kid.

The game was released on October 31st, 2018.

Sophie's Guardian contains examples of: