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SnowRunner is a driving simulation game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One by Sabre Interactive and Focus Home Interactive, and is the latest in the SpinTires franchise. The game tasks players to perform various truck-related tasks across difficult terrain, including taking goods between locations, recovering vehicles and scouting locations.

This game provides examples of:

  • The Alleged Car: The Highway trucks are not generally liked by the players, as they tend to be useless on any terrain other than paved roads, which are few and far between in the game.
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  • Back Seats are Just for Show: Despite some of the vehicles having multiple seats for passengers, only one player is permitted to be in a vehicle at a time.
  • Big Badass Rig: Naturally, being a game all about trucking.
  • Bottomless Fuel Tanks: Averted. You'll need to keep your vehicles fueled in order to keep using them.
  • Broken Bridge: Quite a few of them. Across the games' maps you will find a lot of areas where the road is impassible until you complete a contract to render it usable again (which can be a literal broken bridge). Justified, as these contracts will (most of the time) be the player providing the resources necessary to make the road usable.
  • Directionless Driver: When undertaking a transportation job, the only things you are told are "where you can get the cargo you need" and "where the cargo needs to go".
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  • Emergency Cargo Dump: A potential maneuver the player can use to get out of a mess, as the weight of your cargo is a factor that needs to be considered. Some of the contracts in the game are where other people have done this, and the player must now retrieve the dumped cargo and return it.
  • Fauxrrari: Played straight for Russian trucks and military trucks and averted for American and Canadian civilian trucks.
  • Item Crafting: The Phase 2 update introduced a few crafting stations for cargo to be delivered. Items to be crafted include concrete slabs and blocks, metal rolls, cabins, pipes, and metal beams.
  • My Car Hates Me: Not every vehicle is suited for every kind of terrain, and taking the wrong vehicle (or if you set the vehicle up wrong for the terrain) will usually result in getting the vehicle utterly stuck
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  • Resurrect the Wreck: A few contracts in the game task the player with repairing wrecked trucks. Sometimes, the reward for these contracts include the newly-repaired truck.
  • Watch the Paint Job: SnowRunner features localized damage, so causing too much damage to one area will compromise the vehicles' performance. For example, damaging the vehicles' fuel tank may cause a fuel leak, causing your reserves to deplete even when the vehicle has its' engine off.
  • The Workhorse: Several of the vehicles are significantly old, but are more than capable of performing the job just as well as the newer ones. Sometimes better.

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