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Video Game / Skunny In The Wild West

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Skunny: In the Wild West is a third-person perspective platform game released in 1993 by Copysoft.

After his trip back to the Ancient Rome in Skunny: Save our Pizzas, Skunny the squirrel just wants to get back home. But instead he finds himself in the America of the Wild West. It turns out that his mother has altered the time machine because she wants her son to fix old injustices. Skunny shall get back the sheep that have been stolen from the farm of Skunny's parents back in 1909.


Skunny: In The Wild West is a shareware platform game with ten levels in which all stolen sheep have to be freed. To reach this goal Skunny has to jump from platform to platform, cross seas or abysses and protect himself from hostile animals and persons with his weapon, a water pistol. While some enemies disappear permanently after being shot, others appear again after a short period of time. Getting hit or touched by an enemy results in losing energy and sooner or later in losing one of the four lives; falling down a platform Skunny loses a life immediately. Then he has to restart from the beginning of the level or a savepoint. In this case all already saved sheep are still saved but all enemies are back. Skunny can pick up water for his pistol, items that restore his health and can carry a box. He can put it down wherever he wants and use it to jump to higher platforms.


In the shareware version allows play of only the first two levels. By registering all ten levels can be played, there are more enemies and cheat codes can be used.

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This Video Game contains examples of:

  • Bottomless Pits: You could fall down one of these and lose a life.
  • Scoring Points: You get points for destroying enemies and getting items.
  • Time Travel: Skunny tried to get back to his own time from Ancient Rome. But now he's in 1909 in the Wild West.


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