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Silver Peak Bunker is a popular Game Mod for Fallout: New Vegas by Apostate9.

The mod's story takes place following the events of the New Vegas quests "Still in the Dark" and "I Could Make You Care". The Mojave branch of the Brotherhood of Steel's Elder, McNamara, has refused to permit outsiders into the Brotherhood despite the Courier and Veronica proving that the Brotherhood will die out if nothing is done, claiming he cannot defy the Codex. However, he slips the Courier a note informing them that while he cannot defy the Codex, the Courier can.


McNamara thus appoints the Courier as the head of a new "chapter" of the Brotherhood, the Apostates. Under the Courier, the Apostates will break away from the mandates of the Codex in the hope of giving the Brotherhood a future, and the Courier's choices will determine whether the Apostates are seen as an ally or a menace to the Mojave.

However, things soon take a turn for the worse when a fanatical chapter of the Brotherhood, the Circle of Steel, invades the Mojave, both to finish the war with the NCR once and for all, and to punish the Apostate "heretics".

The mod was formerly available on the New Vegas Nexus, but was removed due to Creator Breakdown. The mod is still available on Source Forge.


This mod provides examples of:

  • Collection Sidequest: The mod adds several Cats Paw magazines throughout the Mojave. Each found magazine gives you 500 XP.
  • Knight Templar: The Circle of Steel would give even Elijah pause in their fanaticism and brutality.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: McNamara was already one in the main game. This mod makes him even more of one.

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