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Video Game / Shinobi Legions

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The way of the ninja is to become the shadow leading the world to peace and justice.
"Consumed with hatred and the desire for supreme power, Kazuma now leads "Garzo", a group of evil and darkness. Sho stands as an obstacle, however, and Kazuma has abducted their sister Aya to drain her powers and keep Sho from interfering.

Sho must now rescue his sister while crushing his brother's plans for domination in the ultimate fight for survival!!"
Page 4 of the American Manual.

A Shinobi video game for the Sega Saturn that chronicles the adventure of a young ninja named Sho, who seeks to rescue his young sister Aya from their evil older brother Kazuma and his group known as "Garzo". It has three different title names, known as Shinobi Legions in North America, Shinobi X in Europe, and Shin Shinobi Den in Japan.

This game provides examples of:

  • All There in the Manual: All the backstory is only detailed in the manual, making the FMV scenes - especially the ones that deal with Kazuma and Sho - completely incomprehensible.
  • Collision Damage: Once again subverted just like in the other Shinobi games, where merely touching an enemy causes the protagonist to be knocked back but doesn't actually hurt him.
  • Nintendo Hard: Just like in the other Shinobi games, Legions holds nothing back when it comes to its relentless enemies, unforgiving stage designs, and merciless bosses.
  • Save the Villain: At the end of the game, Sho attempts to do this for Kazuma, but Kazuma decides to save Sho and Aya instead, dying in the explosion he was responsible for.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: Sho does this to save Aya from getting backstabbed at one point from within the game.
  • We Can Rule Together: Kazuma tries to pull this off in the final stage of the game. This example differs from most Video Game examples of this trope, as Sho automatically says no.
  • Your Princess Is in Another Castle!: Sho spends most of the game trying to rescue Aya. You actually rescue her after Stage 4, and she even teaches you the secret to the ultimate Ninjutsu technique, but the Big Bad's ninjas were eavesdropping on you both so they could overhear the secret, and they recapture Aya after knocking her out with a cheap shot. So your mission to rescue Aya isn't over yet.