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Silvie, the game's first Pit Girl

Shady Lewd Kart is a Mascot Racer H-Game developed and published by Shady Corner, consisting of multiple characters from various media (primarily indie video games), the majority of which (but not all) also contain lewd content. With that said, the core gameplay is a standard kart racer in which eight characters navigate tracks and try to beat each other to the finish line, with the lewdness being incorporated as intentionally silly power-ups and rewardable images. The game is currently available in Early Access for Windows via Steam and, and has been regularly adding new racers, tracks, and events over time.

    List of Works Featured 


  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: Silvie's "Second Date" (a modified, harder version of her Grand Prix) stars Metal Datura, a robotic creation of Silvie's (based on voice actress Dawn Orchid AKA Midnight Datura, who also voices Cinnabun) that has locked Silvie in a closet and taken control of her tracks in order to learn what people find appealing and upgrade herself into an attractive Robot Girl form.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Detour, the game's mascot, tutorial teacher, and one of its unlockable racers, is one for racing itself; she looks like an ordinary woman, except that her hair is black with yellow highlights like a road, her skin is grey like a signpost, she has three eyes colored like traffic lights, and her main outfit is orange with white stripes like a traffic cone.
  • Author Avatar: Some of the default racers in the game are members of the Shady Corner team, such as Shades, Shadette, and Mascot Terry Trashcan the raccoon puppet.
  • Batter Up!: One of the power-ups is a spanking paddle that can be swung repeatedly to bat away and stun nearby racers.
  • Big Boo's Haunt: One of the courses is Flambeau's Manor, which is filled with possessed furniture, and includes a graveyard. A Holiday Mode variant of it adds giant jack o'lanterns and hostile plants.
  • Crossdresser: Some racers have unlockable or purchasable alternate outfits, and the male Shades gets a female French Maid Outfit.
  • Crossover Ship: In-Universe. Promotional material shows Terry having a particular interest in Kincaid.
  • Demoted to Extra: Some important supporting characters from the featured works, such as Talia's partner Faye, are used as alternate costumes instead of getting their own spot on the roster.
  • Expy: Some of the game's "original" characters are these:
    • Metal Shades is based on Metal Sonic, given that they're both metal duplicates of a male protagonist that want to prove their superiority over the original, and Metal Shades' introduction is proceeded by Silvie directly quoting from Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie.
    • Twisted Terry is based on Needles Kane, as he's a racoon in clown makeup with a flaming mohawk that exclusively drives an ice cream truck, and his introduction is proceeded by Talia from Future Fragments asking about food and if the player has a "Sweet Tooth". To drive the point even further home, the Halloween 2022 update added Mel McMurrin himself, the voice of Calypso in Twisted Metal, as the narrator of Twisted Terry's Grand Prix mode cutscenes.
    • Terry Trashette is based on the female version of Terry Bogard, as she's a gender-bent version of a male character that's wearing a vest and baseball cap similar to Mr. Bogard's regular outfit.
  • Friend in the Black Market: Dodgy Dave is presented as such, selling bootleg games from inside his jacket during his Intro cutscene, and hosting the "Lock 'n' Lewd" feature that rewards extra unlockables.
  • Holiday Mode: The game has some seasonal events, such as ones for Easter in which eggs can be collected to unlock Bunny Girl (& Man) racers and outfits, as well as a Harpy Girl.
  • Macrogame: The main goal of Story Mode, ostensibly, is to score 1st overall in three races of a Grand Prix, and then beat a boss in a special course. However, scattered across every track are gifts for the course's Pit Girl, and collecting enough over multiple races (and also placing within the top 3 to be allowed to give them to her) will unlock special pictures, as well as make the girl a playable racer. There is also a "Climax Bar", which gets points from playing any mode, and unlocks racers and new karts at certain milestones. Lastly, there's coins, collected on the track or by winning a Prix cup (or in exchange for Date/Event items when the connected meter is already full), which can be exchanged for various rewards.
  • The Man Behind the Man: Metal Shades' profile states that he's just there to get data on the person he's based on before killing and replacing him, but in his Grand Prix ending, he's shut down and gets his memory downloaded by his creator as part of a plan to become the world's best racer.
  • Money Sink: Many of the goods available in "Terry's Secret Shop" have no purpose except to waste your money, with the most obvious being to buy 500 coins for the price of 1000 coins.
  • Multiple Endings: Every racer gets two special images in Story mode: one for starting any cup, and one for getting the gold (even if they fail the subsequent boss race), with no two openings/endings being the same.
  • Naughty Tentacles: In Silvie's "Second Date", Metal Datura's default form is a metal box with organic-looking tentacles, and she alludes to using them for naughtiness in pre-race discussions with the player.
    • The "Bind" item creates tentacles to surround opposing karts, slowing them down and preventing them from boosting.
  • Nitro Boost: One of the power-ups, represented by a vibrator.
  • Old Save Bonus: The "Lock 'n' Lewd" main menu option, hosted by Dodgy Dave, unlocks special karts, pillow designs, and gallery art if the player has save data from other titles published by Shady Corner Games.
  • Screw Yourself: Unlocking one of the Pit Girls as a playable racer and then trying to enter the Prix they host unlocks a picture of the girl in question having fun with her copy. This also works with Detour, who hosts the tutorial, and Terry, who runs a Secret Shop.
  • Secret Character: There are some characters that cannot be earned or purchased; rather, they are unlocked by finding a key on specific race tracks and finishing the race.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Sinister Silhouettes: The Man Behind the Man that appears in Metal Shade's Grand Prix ending is never identified in the scene and appears as just a silhouette, though her voice indicates that it's a woman.
  • Take That!: The developers have openly stated disdain for the business practices of Winged Cloud (makers of Sakura Dungeon), as detailed on their official YouTube account here. This is why one of the unlockable Karts in the game is a literal Winged Cloud (with its series of origin stated as "REDACTED"), which spews out shovelware made by those devs as exhaust. Additionally, the BoneTown stage includes posters for various "Sakura" games, but they all feature the exact same girl with slightly differently dyed hair and clothes, to mock the series' use of Only Six Faces.
  • The One Guy: Shades and Terry are the only male racers available from the beginning of the game. Shades was also the only human male until the Easter event added Rabbit Man (who is wearing a mask), and while later content updates added even more, the ratio is still heavily skewed towards women.
  • Unlockable Content: The majority of racers, tracks, karts, and gallery images must be unlocked through playing the game's various modes.
  • Virtual Celebrity: Zone-tan and Melody (from Projekt Melody) are real-life examples, with their likenesses as unlockable characters.
  • The Voiceless: Haydee, as in her original game, does not have any voice lines. Cinnabun's Story Mode cutscenes also lack any lines, but she has a voice (provided by Midnight Datura) when racing.