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Video Game / Shades of Doom

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Shades of Doom is an Audio Game produced by GMA Games in the early 2000's and based on the mainstream game Doom.

Shades of Doom provides examples of:

  • Die, Chair, Die!: large machines can be blown up in the game using weapons.
  • Easy-Mode Mockery: the first two difficulty levels are labeled "It's my turn daddy" and "Don't hurt me."
  • Enemy-Detecting Radar: since it is by definition, an Audio Game, this serves as an aid to blind players.
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  • Flushing-Edge Interactivity: there are toilets in the game. Flushing these will spawn a gelatinous blob.
  • Game Plays Itself: letting the game idle when in the main menu will start the character exploring the maze of corridors until you press a key.
  • Item-Drop Mechanic: a majority of the enemies in the game do this.
  • Level Editor: this exists at a rutimentary level in that you can only create your own maps using ascii symbols.
  • Training Dummy: The "easy" difficulty level allows you to turn on training mode. The monsters will not attack or move to attack unless the player attacks first.


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