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Sense - 不祥的预感: A Cyberpunk Ghost Story is a 2.5D Survival Horror game developed by Suzaku and published by Top Hat Studios Inc. It was initially released for PC on August 25, 2020, was pulled from store shelves quickly after, and was re-released as the 1.1 version in September 2020, with later Nintendo Switch and Play Station Vita releases in January 2021.

In 2083 Neo Hong Kong, a young woman named Mei-Lin Mak is dragged into a maelstrom of supernatural horror. As she peers deeper into a century old mystery, Mei will be forced to question her perception of reality and whether she trusts her cybernetic eyes. Under the neon lights of a cyberpunk dystopia, the ruins of the 'Chong Sing Apartments' hides a bloody mystery illuminated by both the traditions of Chinese folklore, and the innovations of the industrial future. If there is any hope of escaping this nightmare, Mei-Lin must explore this complex, piecing together the stories of 14 lost souls, and discover the truth of her own family curse.



  • 20 Minutes into the Future: The game is set in 2083, only slightly more than half a century from the date of release.
  • The Cameo: As a form of cross-promotion with another Cyberpunk title published by Top Hat Studios, the main protagonist of Synergia makes an appearance, and this game's protagonist appears in Synergia.
  • City Noir: Most of the game takes place at night, with dark streets and abandoned rooms lit up by neon signs and always-on televisions.
  • Content Warnings: The store page for the PC release has a lengthy list of warnings towards the bottom, including "skimpy/semi-revealing outfits", "murder, suicide, and abuse", and "disturbing imagery, blood/gore, and violent character deaths". An official statement from the publisher stating that it will keep all of the original content intact and uncensored for the Switch release.
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  • Cyberpunk: As indicated by the game's subtitle, the setting is both gritty and technologically advanced, with the main protagonist having cybernetically enhanced eyes.
  • Metalhead: Mei-Lin makes an off-comment at the beginning that she doesn't enjoy pop music and likes harder stuff.
  • New Game+: To quote the store page, "Sense will be filled with secrets, only some of them will be revealed in a single play through. Some secrets wont be able to escape the spirit realm until the "Plus" appears".
  • New Neo City: The game's setting of Neo Hong Kong.
  • Nintendo Hard: The game was inspired by unforgiving Horror games from the past, and to quote the developer, intentionally had "very limited saves, deep exploration, repeated trial and error, punishing deaths, and a reliance on careful reading and planning your actions are the things". This was slightly toned-down for version 1.1, due to QA feedback, but is still quite challenging.
  • Obvious Beta: The initial 1.0 version on PC was unbalanced and had corruption glitches, to the point where it was pulled from digital store shelves until version 1.1.

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