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In 1993, Tecmo decided to try their hand at the whole RPG thing. The result was Secret of the Stars, a Dragon Quest clone with a by-the-numbers plotline.

Ray, a young blond boy growing up on a tiny island, learns that he's actually an Aqutallion, one of the warriors destined to defeat the evil Homncruse. After his Beloved Peasant Village goes boom, he sets out to find the other four chosen warriors: Tina, Cody, Leona, and Dan. They then must pass a series of tests to prove their worth as Aqutallion Warriors, unlock their true potential, and gain the strength to defeat Homncruse and his four generals.

Aside from the five chosen children, there are eleven adult heroes known as the Kustera who form their own, separate team. The Kustera are basically a secondary team, with a few areas that only they can enter (just as how there are areas only the Aqutallion can pass). There's also a village that Ray establishes as a new Hometown right after losing the first one, for all the Heartwarming Orphans and his friends and allies to stay at in their spare time.

This game contains examples of:

  • Aerith and Bob - If the five heroes' names aren't proof enough of this, there's the eleven Kustera: David, Ryu, Ben, Andy, Arthur, Jubei, Murray, Shark, Evelyn, Kathy and Beth.
  • All There in the Manual - The fusion spells requirements.
  • As You Know - When Ray visits Uncle Save, the latter says "What? Oh, it's you. I know you're here daily," without any prompting whatsoever.
  • Artificial Human - Homncruse. It should be obvious from his name, which, when properly translated, is Homunculus.
  • Big Damn Heroes - At one point, you are rescued from a Mad Scientist's lab inside an already erupting volcano by a guy in a biplane. It was already hot enough inside that you were passed out.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation - And how!
    • "Homncruse" is very likely supposed to be Homunculus, in keeping with the Artificial Human tag above...
    • We also have Trool, Galuda and Sourseris, three random monsters, and the boss "The Clarken".
  • Blow You Away - Cody, who in a rare Subversion is actually the team's Mighty Glacier.
  • Cats Are Mean - Played straight with Cat Boo, an optional boss disguised as a cat.
  • Combat Pragmatist - You can be this during one boss battle. You are in a boxing match, the boxing gloves you must wear suck, but you only need to wear them to START the battle. As soon as you start, you can equip your riot gun and shoot him in the face.
  • Combination Attack - Both the heroes and the bad guys. The most useful ones are Devistate and the elemental swords combos.
  • Complexity Addiction- Aside from the boxing match noted above, the villains in this game must have a kidnapping complex or something. You have to rescue Tina from bandits dressed like the mafia, Cody (the person-turned-lion-turned-into-a-gold-statue) from a circus performer, and you have to save Leona from... an empty warehouse below a random rich person's house. Note that the villains' main goal in life is to kill you so you can't stop the Big Bad.
  • Damsel in Distress - Both Tina and Leona have to be rescued before joining. In Leona's case, she's literally kidnapped right before your eyes right before she can join you just so you can save her. And that's just a matter of finding the right warehouse, rendering the whole thing utterly pointless.
  • Disguised in Drag- To get into Lady Land, your male heroes have to don Bunny Suits.
  • Doomed Hometown - Well, when you live on a volcanic island that houses someone who basically wants to destroy the world out of spite, what did you expect?
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture - The island of Jabon. Take a guess what it's meant to be. Japan, of course.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning - The three elemental swords.
  • Flat Character - Everyone. The manual tries to give them some personalization, but... your team gets very, very few lines of dialogue in the game. Definitely not enough for any Character Development.
  • Flying Saucer - There is one under your town and it's big enough to carry it.
  • Forced Transformation - One of the heroes is turned into a lion, and actually travels with you for a time while stuck like this. It's Cody, not Leona.
  • Four Is Death - The Big Bad's four followers. It's even referenced in their names in the Japanese version.