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Video Game / SCP-3008 (Roblox)

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Build a base, survive from employees. Stay alive.

SCP-3008 is a survival horror game made by "Uglyburger0" on Roblox that has the player attempt to survive in its namesake, the Infinite IKEA. Based on the SCP Foundation story, the player must survive in an infinite IKEA landscape populated by other players and the "Employees", faceless monsters that roam the Ikea at night, killing all that they see. Will you build a base and survive? Or will you succumb to the horrors of the Ikea or its Employees?

The game can be played for free on Roblox. The developer is also creating a Slender Man game on Roblox.


This Roblox game contains examples of:

  • Abandoned Area: Players can come upon abandoned bases in public servers, what makes them special is that they are actually Player-made.

  • Adaptational Wimp: In the original story, the survivors are capable of killing numerous Employees with makeshift weapons. Apart from shoving Employees, the survivors in the Roblox version are completely defenseless.

  • All for Nothing: If you somehow reach the ceiling of the Ikea in a bid to escape, it turns out that there is absolutely nothing there and this ost plays. It accurately represents the disappointment and realization that you're stuck here forever.

  • Bland-Name Product: Averted for IKEA. Its name is plastered everywhere, including the large advertisement signs. Played straight for the Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper, which are called "Bloxy Cola" and "Dr.Bob" respectively.

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  • Death Is Cheap: Downplayed. You have infinite lives but whenever you die it transports you hundreds of studs away from the place you died and potentially your base. Its made easier if you're using Waypoints. In that case, its easier to locate your base but you still have to embark on a long journey to get there.

  • Eldritch Abomination: The "Employees" are faceless monsters that are friendly during the day and attack survivors at night. They also replenish food at the Cafeteria and the Snack Shops, for unknown reasons.

  • Endless Game: There is no way to escape the IKEA, so this trope is in effect. Unlike most survival games however, it does not end when you die.

  • Falling Damage: Being a Minecraft-esque game, it's to be expected. It's also pretty unusual for a Roblox game to have falling damage.

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  • Hyperactive Metabolism: Averted for Medkits. Played straight in that you can also eat Pizza, Burgers, Lemons, Meatballs, Beans (They actually reduce your health and only give energy) and drink numerous beverages that increase your health in varying levels.