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ScourgeBringer is a combat Platform Game with Roguelike elements, developed by Flying Oak Games and released on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and the Steam, Epic, and GOG stores on October 20, 2020. It's now available for release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on April 22, 2021.

An evil structure known as the ScourgeBringer has brought desolation and destruction to a once-flourishing world. All who have entered it have never returned. In desperation, a young woman named Kyhra is chosen to brave the ScourgeBringer and hopefully defeat it once and for all.

Armed with only a long sword and a trusty Attack Drone, the player must explore a randomly-arranged maze of rooms and use their agility and quick reflexes to kill all the enemies in each room. Various powers and blessings can be obtained along the way to increase your deadliness. At the end of each level is a powerful Judge who guards the exit.


The game can be purchased on Steam here.

ScourgeBringer contains the following tropes:

  • Action Bomb: The Still Bastion contains Fall-bots, icicle-like robots that crawl along the ceiling and drop onto you when you pass underneath them, exploding into two bullets on contact. With a carefully-timed smash, you can use them as weapons.
  • Airborne Mook: The game has a heavy emphasis on aerial combat, so most enemies are able to fly or float.
  • And I Must Scream: Anyone who enters the ScourgeBringer is trapped there forever, forced to fight through an neverending death labyrinth, and even dying isn't a way out.
  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • Many rooms feature pressure-activated spikes to hinder the player while they're fighting; however, once all enemies are defeated, the spike traps deactivate so that you don't get unfairly spiked when you're simply traversing the room.
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    • Similarly, all enemy projectiles disappear as soon as the last enemy is defeated, preventing cheap post-victory deaths.
  • Apocalyptic Log: You can occasionally find logs from the expeditions that entered the ScourgeBringer before you, which detail some of the game's Backstory.
  • Archaic Weapon for an Advanced Age: Kyhra has an artificially-intelligent companion drone, yet her main weapon is a sword. The game's story hints that the sword may have been gifted to her by one of the clans that shuns technology.
  • Attack Drone: BLAST.32 might seem like a cute little interface droid, but it is powerfully armed and is Kyhra's only means of long-range defence.
  • Attack Reflector: One of Kyhra's most useful abilities is the smash attack, which can be upgraded so that it deflects bullets. This can be used to take out enemies without consuming ammo.
  • Bullet Time: One of the blessings makes enemy projectiles move slower while you are standing on the ground.
  • Civilization Destroyer: The ScourgeBringer is slowly ravaging the world beneath it.
  • Closed Circle: Anyone who enters the ScourgeBringer can never leave; the place itself contrives to keep them trapped there for eternity.
  • Critical Status Buff: The Bear Spirit blessing increases your attack power as you become more injured.
  • Dash Attack: One of Kyhra's main methods of attack and movement, allowing her to maneuver around (and through) enemies at a lightning pace.
  • Directionally Solid Platforms: They are a common feature on most screens. Usefully, they block enemy fire, allowing the player to safely hide on one side of them and then dash through for a surprise attack.
  • Dungeon Shop: A vendor can be found on each level, who will sell you a small selection of items if you have the blood (or life) to pay for them.
  • Elimination Platformer: The doors on each screen will only open once all of the enemies are defeated.
  • Elite Mooks: Sometimes, regular enemies are replaced by slightly tougher versions, with a more imposing visual design.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The ScourgeBringer brought the Scourge.
  • Flaming Hair: Kyhra has white flaming hair.
  • Giant Hands of Doom: Judge BodyBoulder is like this; his hands float independently from his body and are used to attack the player.
  • Giant Mook: Most rooms have one or more large enemies as their main threat, which are usually a larger, more powerful version of a small enemy.
  • Good Is Not Nice: The Chiming Tree gifts you with powers and brings you back to life when you get killed. However, it's implied that this is not a kindness - rather, the reason it's resurrecting you is to keep you trapped in the Ordeal.
  • Green Hill Zone: The first level contains vines and vegetation dotted around the place, in comparison to the more foreboding later levels.
  • Have a Nice Death: The game over screen tells you what killed you and sometimes gives hints on how to fight it.
  • Hover Bot: BLAST.32 is Kyhra's robot companion, a small hovering robot that can interface with technology, give Kyhra useful guidance, and fire upon distant enemies for her. The various characters that Kyhra meets often have their own companion droids too.
  • I Need You Stronger: Greed, the merchant who's sold you weapons for blood over the many times you've fought and died over the game, has fed on countless wanderers who've gone into the Monolith.
  • King Mook: Guardian minibosses are often giant versions of the game's large enemies (which are themselves Giant Mooks).
  • Late to the Tragedy: Several expedition teams entered the ScourgeBringer before Kyhra, and she gradually pieces together what happened to them through the logs they left behind.
  • Limit Break: The Fury is an unlockable ability that charges up when enemies are around, and can be unleashed as a flurry of strikes that hit multiple enemies at once.
  • Meaningful Name: The Chiming Tree, which becomes increasingly festooned with bells and chimes as you unlock more skills.
  • Mini-Boss: Each level has a Guardian, a miniboss who must be defeated first in order to unlock the boss fight.
  • Mook Maker: The giant jellyfish enemy in the Still Bastion has no direct attack, but it spits out hordes of smaller jellyfish which do.
  • Multi-Mook Melee: The gameplay is almost entirely based around this.
  • Not Quite Flight: Kyhra cannot fly, but since there is no usage limit on her Dash Attack, she can stay in the air indefinitely with repeated dashes. There is an achievement for clearing a room without touching the ground, and the "Floor is Lava" blessing rewards you for staying airborne while fighting.
  • Noun Verber: The ScourgeBringer.
  • Ominous Floating Castle: The ScourgeBringer.
  • One-Hit Polykill: The dash attack can slash through and kill multiple enemies at once. It can eventually be upgraded to a combination of Slash/Dash, the Dragon Punch, which has a cooldown of 1 second so you can't spam it each time, though you can find a temporary buff to knock it down to .5 for the run.
  • Parrying Bullets: The smash attack can block bullets, saving you from getting hit. If you unlock the Lethal Club upgrade, you can additionally smash the bullets back at your opponents.
  • Punny Name: BodyBoulder, a muscular demon made of rock.
  • Rocket Punch: Judge BodyBoulder uses these. When heavily damaged, his punches also cause a spray of huge bullets which have to be dodged or parried in addition to the punch.
  • Spikes of Doom: Many screens contain trapped platforms with pressure-activated spikes.
  • Tech Tree: The game's skill tree is a literal tree, which becomes more decorated as you obtain more skills.
  • Technicolor Toxin: The Wasted Pit is full of poisonous enemies which exude a sickly green gas that hurts you. There are also pipes that leak the poisonous gas into the air, creating an environmental hazard that you have to avoid.
  • The Chosen One: Kyhra was chosen by her clan to fight the ScourgeBringer.
  • This Way to Certain Death: The first tutorial room contains a skeletal corpse, presumably the remains of a previous adventurer.
  • Turns Red: Boss attacks become more violent and destructive after they lose enough health.
  • Wall Jump: As well as her unlimited air dash, Kyhra can simply leap off walls to gain height.
  • Wall Run: Kyhra clings to vertical walls and can simply run straight up them if she chooses.
  • Weird Currency: Kyhra pays for things in blood - not her own, but blood collected from the enemies that she slays. There is also a more valuable blood, only shed by Judges, that persists between runs and can be used to buy skills.
  • We Will Use WikiWords in the Future: ScourgeBringer is always rendered in CamelCase for some reason.
  • Womb Level: The fourth level, The Living Walls, is this with each room pulsing like you're inside some being's organs.
  • Wrap Around: Both Level 5 and 6, The Old World and The Beyond, use this in their rooms.