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RoomBreak (aka RoomBreak: Escape Now!!) is a 2011 episodic Room Escape Game by Korean developers gameday for the iPhone and iPad.

In a unique twist, each of the five episodes has an independent storyline with its own protagonist and genre: you'll play through a domestic drama, a murder mystery, a government spy thriller, a Two Fisted Tale and a conspiracy thriller. A sixth episode with a more conventional Locked in a Room setting was later made available as Downloadable Content.

Aside from the vignette-style storytelling, RoomBreak sets itself apart with its Life Meter. Each action you take is Cast from Hit Points, so if you try to brute force your way through each room by combining everything you see, it's Game Over. At the end of each level, you're graded based on time taken and life remaining.

slowbeef, along with several guests, did a Let's Play of the game in 2013 (compiled here), though he only went as far as the beginning of Episode 4. A later LP by slowbeef and Diabetus as part of Retsupurae would be uploaded by the channel in 2016, this time covering the entirety of the first four episodes.

RoomBreak contains examples of the following tropes: