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Video Game / Robotfindskitten

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"In this game, you are robot. Your job is to find kitten. This task is complicated by the existence of various things that are not kitten. Robot must touch items to determine if they are kitten. The game ends when robotfindskitten. Alternatively, you may end the game if you hit the Esc key. See the documentation for more information."

robotfindskitten (all one word, lowercase) is an ASCII-based [1] "Zen Simulation" created by Leon Richardson for the MS-DOS. In the game, you play as robot (represented by the #) in a field of various other objects (represented by other ASCII symbols) which may or may not be kitten. You have to touch each object individually to get a description of the object until you find kitten, at which point the game ends and you are prompted to restart.


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