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The Red World mod for Hearts of Iron IV imagines a alternate timeline modern day scenario in which the Soviet Union "won" the Cold War against the USA. However, while they have managed to create a new world order, the Soviets have met their match not just in democrats or the right, but in fellow Communists and Socialists.

Similar popular mods with their own pages include Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg, where Germany won World War I, its sister mod Führerreich: Legacy of the Great War that imagines how someone from Kaiserreich would imagine a world where Germany lost World War I and The New Order: Last Days of Europe, where Nazi Germany wins World War II.

The mod's community can be found on Reddit and on Discord.

As of October 2019, Kaisvr1871, the mod's creator, sadly died in a car crash. A provisional team has been working on the mod since March 2020. The first playable version of the mod was eventually released in July 2020.


This Game Mod provides examples of:

  • Allohistorical Allusion:
    • The 5/1 attacks on the Twin Towers committed by far-right Christian fundamentalist terrorists are this for 9/11. And like there is a belief that the 9/11 attacks were an inside job, it is Bernie Sanders in Red World who is responsible for the attacks.
    • Bashar al-Assad can end up being President of Syria.
    • The Ethiopian famine resembles OTL 80s famine.
    • Gorbachev can become Chairman of the USSR during a period of stagnation and can possibly dissolve it as he did historically.
    • Should Tyner be elected General Secretary of the UAPR, he will make the secret speech in a similar fashion Khrushchev did to Stalin by denouncing Davis's Cult of Personality and then plan on bringing a somewhat moderated rule.
  • Alternate History:
    • The Soviet Union winning the cold war after the USA breaks up. Point of divergence is when the USSR chooses not to abstain from the UN vote on the Korean war, enabling the North to take over the South.
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    • JFK was assassinated as a Senator in the 1950s
  • Alternate History Wank: Zigzagged. While the creator takes some historical liberties to make the Soviet victory in the Cold War possible, the Soviet Union enters a slow decline right after the collapse of the United States and its status as the sole superpower in the world gets more and more threatened as the game starts in 2010.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: After declaring the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Putin can proclaim the creation of the Eurasian Empire with himself as Tsar Vladimir IV.
  • Balkanize Me: More than a few regions either can be hit with this, was hit with this in the backstory, or both — despite how many pieces the old United States is broken into, events can still balkanize it even further: the UAPR is hit by a secessionist movement in Cascadia, the APC can become embroiled in a civil war that can end in a truce dividing the country (which leads to the rebel faction morphing into a secessionist New England government) and a democratic American Republic can drop its pretensions of re-uniting America and reform itself into a new Confederacy.
  • Chummy Commies: The American People's Commonwealth under Noam Chomsky, which completely rejects the Soviet version of communism and tries to build a post-capitalist society on their own, emphasizing the democratic and humanistics aspects of socialism. While the government of the APC has many internal problems of their own and is largely dysfunctional, you can maintain the libertarian socialist ideals in the face of challenges, going as far as establishing direct democracy and abolishing the wage system.
    • This is actually averted in most paths for the APC. Even before the coup you get such cheery events like a family whose "fascist" son was killed nearby his school (altough, considering it happens after the 5/1 attacks, this may be a reference towards similar episodes in the aftermath of 9/11). Most of the people in that area support it and the family either flees to the Republic or is arrested. As idealistic the APC is, it's made clear that most of these ideals fall flat in practice.
  • Church Militant: If Italian President Giorgio Napolitano chooses to restore the Vatican, one of the possible choices, Raymond Burke, supports a far right militant stance. It is possible for him to assume power over the Union of Italy, creating a theocracy and launching a new Crusade against either the Middle East or Communism.
    • The Sovereign Military Order of Malta has taken control of the island, creating a minor fascist state.
    • The White Phoenix is an enigmatic catholic terrorist based in the southern states of the American People's Commonwealth.
  • Cincinnatus: If Noam Chomsky outmaneuvers the Central Committee and puts down their uprising, he will have nearly total power in the APC. He can just stay on this position, but the next option that opens up is for him to sign the Philadelphia constitution, which turns the Commonwealth into the anarcho-syndicalist 'Federation of American Syndicates', devolving the power of the federal government he controls and reducing him to a purely ceremonial office.
  • Civil War: The Arab Islamic Republic (a united Libyan-Tunisian Arab Republic) can fall into a vicious multi-sided civil war under Muammar Gaddafi. Tunisia first breaks away, leaving behind the Libyan Union, which soon breaks into a six-way civil war between the Libyan Union government, the liberal National Salvation Government, the nationalist Free Army of Libya, the Islamic fundamentalist (fascist) Islamic State of Libya, the communist Revolutionary Army of Libya, and the syndicalist Army of Combined Syndicates.
  • Commie Land:
    • Aside from the obvious USSR, China and Eastern Europe who stayed under communist rule, most of Western Europe became this after the collapse of NATO.
    • Ethiopia, Cuba and Korea (unified in the 50s) are under Marxist-Leninist rule.
    • The West Coast of the former USA is a communist People's Republic.
    • Many countries with focus trees can also become this (India, Britain, Egypt, Syria)
  • Commie Nazis: While real-life National Bolshevism is a fringe ideology that only ever had some relevance in Russia & Lativa during the 1990s and 2000s, it has become a full fledged ideology in Red World. It is seen as the natural future of the far-right as a result of Soviet victory in the Cold War. Some examples include:
    • Richard Spencer, combining aspects of National Socialism and the Soviet model of planned economy and welfare for the white people, set up his own breakaway state in Montana called 'The Union of Lincoln', which claims that the Emancipation Proclamation by Lincoln was the emancipation of the white man from the black slaves.
    • Gaddafi's regime in the Arab Islamic Republic is classified as this.
    • The Derg in Ethiopia combines communism with nationalist expansionism and autocratic military rule.
    • Bernie Sanders isn't a Nazbol in the narrow meaning of the word (and, unlike Spencer, he is very egalitarian), but because of his strong authoritarian and nationalist tendencies, as well as his radical socialist policies, he is classified in the mod as one.
  • Eagleland: The American Republic oscillates between Type 1 and Type 2 depending on who wins the 2010 Presidential election and what they end up doing.
    • American People's Commonwealth propaganda is based on Type 1 mixed with socialist rhetoric.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending After Bernie Sander's brutal campaign of death and destruction ends due to his death, it's possible for the APC reform itself into the United States of America separate from the non-functional socialist pseudoauthoritarianism of the former APC and the (potential) corporatism of the American Republic. You can even form a North American federation with Canada and Mexico.
  • Emperor Scientist: Bill Gates, the leader of the Technology Council, can become the President of the APC under right circumstances.
  • Enemy Civil War: Fascist Montana and the Union of Lincoln are implied to splintered from each-other. Looking at both nations' political parties reveal that the fascist party for the Union of Lincoln are called "Covington Loyalists" for the Union. while the nazbol party for Montana are called "Spencer Loyalists, Harold Covington is Montana's leader and Richard Spencer is the Union of Lincoln's leader. In-game, however, they leave each-other alone.
  • Fallen States of America: In 1987, US President Ronald Reagan, in order to prevent further conflicts and civil war, announced the dissolution of the United States and the independence of every state on the territory of the former US. Many states have merged together by the start of the mod since then, but America is still divided into several nations whose leaders would rather see each other on guillotine rather than in a union of any kind.
  • Freudian Excuse: In the American People's Commonwealth Bernie Sanders would be probably a sincere democratic socialist, it this wasn't for an incident when his entire family was killed by Radical Socialist Vermont's governal forces. Since then, even if Sanders still believes in ideals of socialism and democracy deep inside his heart, he will make sure that everyone to blame for crimes and atrocities against the American people won't be left unpunished...
  • Historical Villain Upgrade: People who in real life who are generally reasonable are portrayed as extremists in Red World who establish bloody and brutal dictatorships, have ties to terrorist groups, and wage wars to push forward their agendas.
    • Juan Carlos I went paranoid after a US-backed coup attempt and rules Spain with an iron fist
    • Mike Pence known as the "The White Phoenix" is a Catholic terrorist in the American People's Commonwealth and can lead a coup against them
    • Theresa Brasier can establish fascism in Britain.
    • Robert Griffiths can overthrow Jeremy Corbyn and found an orwellian communist regime.
    • In the American People's Commonwealth, Bernie Sanders used to be a moderate social democrat as we know him IRL, but after the radical socialist governor of Vermont executed his family, he became obsessed with revenge to the American establishment of any kind. While he starts as the leader of the democratic socialist faction of APC, he becomes a National Bolshevik dictator as soon as he gains power, launches a crackdown on any potential opponents and declares the crusade against the remnants of the old American regime.
    • Virginia Raggi (OTL Mayor of Rome) can reinstate slavery as the new Roman Empress
    • Queen Elizabeth II is sick of the bloody British democracy and tries to establish Absolutism once more
    • Angela Davis, who is Chairwoman of the communist UAPR, is doing purges against her enemies
    • John Holdren, an APC trade council leader aligned with the Central Committee, is an authoritarian socialist.
    • Whatever you feel about Vladimir Putin, his Red World counterpart is much worse. As the game goes on, he can assassinate Gorbachev, establish the sole dictatorship and eliminate any potential opposition to his power, even further restrict liberties of the Soviet citizens and crush any reformist beginnings. As the culmination, he can even announce the end of the Soviet Union and establish himself as the new Tsar, fascist leader or authoritarian dictator.
    • Cardinal Raymond Burke in OTL is a traditionalist Catholic with conservative views on various debates in the Catholic Church. Here, he will transform Italy into an authoritarian theocracy and can launch new crusades if elected Pope.
  • Internal Reformist: Alexander Rutskoy, one of the potential Soviet chairmans after Yazov's death, fully understands the dire position of the USSR and seeks to implement economic reforms. However, unlike Gorbachev, Rutskoy is as hostile to political reforms as any other hardliner and wants to see the Soviet Union more adapted to the modern world rather than to turn the country upside down.
  • Kick the Dog: When the May Day terrorist attack happens in the American People's Commonwealth, the Chairman of the USSR can say that the Commonwealth had it coming. This statement only further enrages the population of the Commonwealth, uniting them further against the Soviet domination.
  • Kidnapped Scientist:
    • The Lower Nile Republic has the option to kidnap intellectuals and scientists in neighboring countries and force them to do research.
    • Bill Gates was kidnapped in the backstory by the American People's Commonwealth and is now leader of the Technology Council there. He can even become President under the right circumstances.
  • The Klan: The KKK itself is in the American Republic with David Duke, himself a former Grand Wizard, can bring the KKK to power.
  • The Last DJ: Gorbachev's determined stance for radical reforms of the Soviet system made him enough enemies in the Politburo to be forced into exile from the USSR. He, however, can make a comeback after Yazov's death and become the next Chairman.
  • Meet the New Boss: Zyuganov, Yazov's second-in-command, wants to ensure that there won't be any radical changes in the Soviet Union even in the face the nation's decline.
  • Mexico Called; They Want Texas Back: Mexico has seized some areas of the old USA, including New Mexico and western Texas, after the USA breaking up.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name:
    • If David Duke focuses on Fascism instead of corporatism and ignores the KKK, he will do several things that have critics compare him to Hitler with a Communist purge, a plan to completely reconstruct the capital, establishes an army recruitment policy for white people only, and can establish his own paramilitary.
    • If Theresa Brasier gains power in Britain then she outright establishes concentration camps, purges left-wingers, and focuses on the supremacy of the White British people.
    • Should the Shivaji in India be able to get into power they get an entire focus tree that involves supremacy of Marathi Hindus and Mafia-Style government.
  • Never Suicide: If Putin assassinates Gorbachev, the official version will say that Gorbachev committed suicide by shooting himself. Twice. In the back of his head.
  • Oppressive States of America: Available in many different flavors including Marxism-Leninism, Fascism, Military Dictatorship, Authoritarian Socialism, National Syndicalism, Theocracy, Corporate Kleptocracy, Technocracy, National Bolshevism, Republican authoritarian democracy and even several flavors of Absolute Monarchy.
  • One Nation Under Copyright: Can happen to several nations depending on circumstances.
    • If David Duke focuses on corporatism then he increasingly empowers businesses to the point they can potentially sideline him as a figurehead and take power for themselves in the American Republic through the "Congress of Corporations".
    • In Syria if left-wing fascists fail to establish an agreement with businesses before the clergy then the "Council of 20" an alliance of 20 powerful business people will seize power and rearrange the Syrian government and economy to benefit them.
  • Perpetual Beta: This is a mod that came out with not much content and has been been updated since with content little by little for the foreseeable future.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: Sometimes a country's "storyline" will start when someone of importance dies.
    • The Soviet storyline starts with the assassination of incumbent Chairman, Marshal Dmitry Yazov, which leads to another person taking the reins of power, who either continues to maintain the status quo or changes it, for better or worse.
    • The death of Prime Minister David Owen kicks of the political section of the British focus tree.
  • Point of Divergence: The Soviet Union vetoes the UN resolution to intervene into the Korean War in 1950, leading to North Korea emerging victorious and strenghthening positions of the Soviet bloc in the world. However, the largest impact on the history has the assassination of Senator John F. Kennedy in 1955.
  • The Coup: Bernie Sanders can coup the APC and install a nationalist dictatorship with socialist characteristics.
    • Vladimir Putin can also coup the Politburo, leading to the dissolution of the USSR or the proclamation of either the Russian or Eurasian Empire.
  • The Remnant: The American Republic, who consider themselves the successor to the former USA and are mostly made up by Republican party members. It is also known in Universe as the Remnants
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized:
    • Should Britain flip to communism, Buckingham Palace will be stormed and the Windsors either be exiled or executed.
    • Many of the coup events are brutal.
  • Rightful King Returns: Many examples:
    • What happened in the backstory in Central Africa, where Bokassa II formed the Central African Empire
    • You can crown a Romanov as Tsar if you go Rutskoy's path for the Soviet Union.
    • Ethiopia can restore the Selassie dynasty and form the Solomonic Kingdom of Israel.
    • Egypt can return to Monarchy and also Sultanate
    • The Hashemites can get to power if Syria breaks free from the UAR
    • Queen Elizabeth II can impose decree rule in Britain and try to regain the old colonies.
    • Italy can choose between the House of Savoy and the Bonapartist Kingdom.
    • The New England Royal Council can among other interesting choices crown a member of the Windsor dynasty monarch and similar to the American Republic below can also crown a member of one America's political dynasties (in this case either the Kennedys or Roosevelts) as a monarch.
    • Not quite "returns", but The American Republic can crown Paul Washington, the closest living descendant of George Washington (at the time the mod starts as the real Paul Washington died in 2014), as a king of America.
  • Right-Wing Militia Fanatic: Fascist Montana and the National Bolshevik Union of Lincoln, led by Harold Covington and Richard Spencer respectively, are the result of such people establishing their own state after the dissolution of the United States.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Bernie Sanders becoming the APC President results in war against the whole North American continent and mass executions of establishment politicians who he blames for the deaths of his family
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: During Crisis in the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II can disband parliament and rule by royal decree acting as the nation's leader.
  • Russia Takes Over the World: While the Soviet Union doesn't literally takes over the world, it's still the only superpower in the world. Of course, this isn't set in stone...
  • Secret Police: The KGB by the start date of the mod is led by Vladimir Putin and can be even further empowered under his reign.
  • Shout-Out: The entire Phoenix Front path for Britain is a homage to Norsefire, to the point that one of event images features a photo from the movie adaptation with attached heads of Brasier and Farrage.
  • The Theocracy: Some can be established depending on who gains power.
    • Italy can become one should the pope gain power, but if it's benevolent is a different discussion.
    • If The White Phoenix seizes power then they can establish one or protestants can coup them and establish their own.
    • The UAR, Syria, and Egypt can become one depending on who gains power in their countries.
  • Videogame Cruelty Potential: A lot of paths leave players with the ability to commit atrocities, establish oppressive regimes, and wage various wars that see millions die.
    • The Theresa Brasier path for Britain is full of this, including Concentration camps and full of references to V for Vendetta.
    • You can bring back racial laws if you go fascist as the American Republic.
    • India is practically a playground for this. Want to crush democracy beneath your boot and establish a new Indian empire or dictatorship? Create a Quasi-Stalinist or Quasi-Nazi regime atop a mountain of corpses? Trample upon on civil liberties left, right, and center all for a good laugh? Then India is the campaign for you.
  • Walking Spoiler: Bernard "Bernie" Sanders, a presidential candidate for the American People's Commonwealth. To put simply, his role in Red World isn't what he initially seems.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: The American People's Commonwealth was created by a coalition of libertarian socialists, Soviet style authoritarians, social democrats and anarchists. As a result their government is more concerned with internal squabbles than getting anything done.
    • The Cascadian separatist movement in the UAPR is led by a popular front of nationalists, revolutionary socialists and assorted political moderates which quickly collapses after independence is won.


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