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Greetings, [new arrival]. Welcome aboard Megalodon-9. You've been invited to a reception for you and the other 2132 very special new arrivals. Would you like to attend? It's starting now.

Redshirt is a PC simulation strategy game developed by one-person developer Mitu Khandaker, aka The Tiniest Shark, and published by one-person developer/publisher Positech Games (Of Gratuitous Space Battles and Gratuitous Tank Battles fame). The player takes on the role of the lowest possible ranking officer on board the space station Megalodon-9, and has to utilise a Facebook-esque social network to impress the right people, work your way up through the ranks, and become important enough to get planetary leave to get away from the ever-present risks that any Red Shirt would face. Naturally, a whole lot of sci-fi humour comes along.

Find the game on Steam HERE, or the DRM-free GoG version HERE.

Redshirt contains examples of: