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Red March is the Spiritual Successor to the Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars tiberium wars mod known as Red Alter, but instead aims to produce a commercial indie Real-Time Strategy. Gameplay wise, the team intend to emulate old school RTS mechanics and combine it with newer systems such as the cover systems seen in Company of Heroes or Men of War.

Emerging from the same universe as Red Alter, the game will feature three factions: The United Nations (no, not that one, but a combination of the United States, UK and France), along with other smaller democratic powers around the world; Pact, which is a conglomeration of the USSR and its states; and a third, mysterious and sinister faction.

Following the creation of a dystopian, Grim Dark Alternate Timeline where World War II was limited to a handful of scattered conflicts, the world is in the midst of the Cold War, similar to ours, around the year 1969. Tensions are running very high and neither Pact nor the UN care much for each other. The plot will explore the inevitable war between the two factions, with the aim that both sides will exhibit Grey and Gray Morality. Multiplayer is intended to feature both some degree of customisable factions and a global campaign.



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