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Rappelz is a pay-for-perks MMORPG developed by nFlavor and published by Gala-Net Inc in the US through gPotato, the same website that offers Fly FF. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world dominated by three races. The Gaia, humans with a strong association with nature, were the first race to appear. The other races, the Deva and the Asura, were created by the gods of Creation and Extinction, respectively, to guide and assist the Gaia. A player character's job class is limited by his or her race, and each race has its own strengths and weaknesses that apply to all classes. The Deva, associated with light, are good at defense and healing, the Asura, associated with darkness, are known for their superior ability to dodge attacks, and the Gaia are considered neutral. All players of a given race start out with the same job class, and at certain levels gain the ability to specialize into more specific jobs. At level 10 a player is able to choose a Warrior, Caster, or Summoner job path, and at level 50 can be promoted to a third-tier job class to further specialize and enhance their abilities.

One of the game's defining features is its pet system, which allows players to "tame" wild enemies and then summon them at a later time to serve as an ally in battle. All races and job classes can use pets, but the Summoner-path jobs specialize in being extremely effective with pets. In order to tame a pet, a player must have access to certain skills (available early at an early level) and must possess the appropriate card in their inventory. Pets have many of the same abilities as the player characters themselves, including the same basic Class and Level System. Pets can even be "equipped" with standard equipment items like swords and armor, provided that equipment is first sealed in an equipment card. At higher levels, pets gain a "Unity" ability that uses the bond between pet and master to boost the stats of both. The stats boosted, and the degree of the boost, depends on the type of pet.

This game contains examples of:

  • Class and Level System: In a slight deviation from the norm, your character level and job level are distinct values, working on different scales and using different points to advance. The character level works like in most RPGs, advanced by accumulating experience points from completing quests and slaying enemies. Job level is increased by spending job points, which are acquired through the same methods as experience points (though in differing amounts). If you have enough job points accumulated, you can advance several levels at once. However, job points are also necessary to improve your skills, so you need to find a balance between advancing job level and learning/improving skills. Character level primarily impacts which items and equipment you can use, while job level affects your stats and the skills that are available to be learned.
  • Kiting: A viable tactic for low-level Dark Magicians, who aren't skilled in melee combat but are very good at pummeling enemies with spells from a distance.
  • Macross Missile Massacre: the Dark Magician's "Darkness Arrow" spell.
  • Shout-Out : The introduction newbie area has many NPCs named directly after characters from the Ogre Battle series. (At least in the English version.)