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Not your average rally sim, kids...

"Ummm... let's change seats... whaddyasay ?"
your co-driver, after you've plunged your car into another crashfest

Rally Trophy is a rally racing simulation game, the commercial debut of Finnish driving game developer Bugbear Entertainment note , first published by JoWood Productions in autumn 2001. The game was in development since the late 1990s and became a surprise hit, with lots of critical acclaim by players and reviewers alike.

It deviates from other existing rally games by being a retro-themed title, focusing on various classic rally cars from the 1960s and 1970s. It generally aims for a realistic simulation of these cars of yesteryear, which means they lack various fancy technical enhancements and upgrades of Present Day rally cars. Thanks to an advanced physics model, driving them actually feels like driving a vintage car, making the game fairly Nintendo Hard, but enjoyable and challenging nonetheless.

The retro atmosphere is also enhanced by grainy and traditional-looking menu screens, more regionally-themed and lesser known national championships, lots of Played for Laughs elements and some genuinely quality folk-rock style instrumental music, with a heavy dose of 1960s guitar sound.

An archived version of the game's official site can be seen here and its developer site can be seen here. Patches, wallpapers, etc. are still downloadable from the official site.

This game features the following tropes :

Right three, left two, caution rocks, straight, tightens, right four, jump... (crash sound) Aw, my collection of dense sores... This is not what I call rally driving...