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"Create the unreal and live in another world."
- RP Infinite's Tagline

RP Infinite ("RPI") is a text-based roleplay engine hosted on BYOND & created by Konlet & Arcetis. Created out of spite, the text-based game was made in retaliation to numerous bans that Arcetis had received on RP Unlimited ("RPU"). It ended up replacing RPU after it could not go on anymore. It's one of the relatively popular, yet unknown text-based games on BYOND. There's always a new server being made every other day, keeping the player base thriving.


It is one of two off-springs of RPU. RPI & RPU share an almost similar engine, with the exception of a few codes. RPU did try to make a comeback as RP Unlimited Revived, but by this time, majority of its player base migrated.

Tropes Seen:

  • Absurdly Powerful Student Council: School roleplays usually have these guys roaming the halls as non-playable characters.
  • Anime: Majority of the roleplays on RPI are anime
    • A One Piece serever is the most common, with there always being a new one every other week.

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