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"I don't want to have to kill you. I just want you to treat the workers better, treat them the way you used to."
Cinnamon Glaze

In a world of OFF where the Batter isn't real and the Guardians have turned into tyrants, an eccentric Elsen decides enough is enough and starts a revolution. He rips off his tie, wrapping it around his head, picks up his pickaxe and rises up to the challenge.

You are pulling the strings of Cinnamon Glaze, a fearless yet caring Elsen, who won't let the spectres stop him. Armed with his pickaxe, he travels through the Zones, standing up to the Guardians, and gaining new friends along the way. Together they aim to make life better for all the Elsen. But it won't be easy, they will face many obstacles, including their own people.

This is a fangame, made by Cinnamun (Brandy) is set in the same world as, but is separate from, Mortis Ghost's OFF. The fangame, and its remake (in the works), can be downloaded here, and here, respectively.


RISE provides examples of:

  • Alternate Timeline: In this game The Batter doesn't make an appearance in-game and is merely referenced in stories or ads. In this Timeline, it's an Elsen who decides to rebel against the Guardians.
  • Apologetic Attacker: Cinnamon and his fellow party members hate being forced to attack the Elsen who've become Burnt, or the Guardians, and Cinnamon tends to show this.
    Cinnamon: [after defeating a Burnt at the Postal Service] I'm so sorry.
  • Big Bad: Tate, the party's informant, who takes over Zone 4 and uses the Elsens there as his test subjects, bringing with him the specter invasion.
  • Breaking Speech: Tate gives one of these to the party, calling them "selfish". You can either choose to accept his speech or stand up to him regardless. The former leads to Tate killing the party and continuing with his evil plan, while the latter allows you to fight him.
  • Foil: Each party member contrasts another, if their nicknames are anything to go by:
    • Cinnamon the "realist", and Taylor the "idealist"
    • Haylan the "optimist" and Caramel the "pessimist"
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble: The main party members form one.
    • Cinnamon is the Choleric. His frustration at Dedan's mistreatment is what gets the plot rolling, and he's usually seen with a scowl. His usual response to seeing a specter murder someone is
    • Taylor is the Sanguine. She keeps calm and provides a cheery voice of support for when the others are having a rough time. She's also rarely seen without a smile, and is the only party member to wear one in battle.
    • Haylan is the Phlegmatic. His ambitious goal of owning the theme park is motivated by a desire to help people, though he's not shy about voicing dissatisfaction.
    • Caramel is the Melancholic. He's very withdrawn and slow to trust people, and expects the worst out of any situation. His dialogue has a very apathetic tone to it.
  • How Dare You Die on Me!: Dedan will do this in the bad ending, where Cinnamon is killed.
    Dedan: God damn it, Cinnamon, what the fuck have you gotten yourself into? You'd better not be dead.
  • Multiple Endings: There are multiple endings which can be achieved in this game based on your actions when you confront Tate.
    • The Bad Ending, achieved if you accept Tate's Breaking Speech. He shoots your party to death and continues to spread the virus. Zone 4 is placed in lockdown and a message is spread to the other Zones.
    • The Bittersweet Ending, achieved if you stand up to Tate, and kill him after defeating him. Life goes back to normal, but Cinnamon is upset and does not know what to do with his life.
    • The Good Ending, achieved if you stand up to Tate, and spare him after defeating him. He is punished for his actions, but given a second chance. Life goes back to normal in the Zones and the Elsens celebrate.
    • After the credits play, if you had not achieved the Good Ending, the game will give a hint as to how to get a better ending.
  • One-Gender Race: This was present in the original OFF, but it's played with a bit more. While every Elsen is biologically male, Taylor identifies as female.
  • Powerful Pick: Cinnamon's weapon of choice.
  • Ship Tease: There's a bit between Haylan and Caramel, to the point that Caramel will live in Zone 2 with Haylan in the good ending.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: It is revealed that Dedan used to be kind and caring to his subjects before the game's events.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Happens to the Guardians, after defeating them.

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