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Video Game / Prince of Persia: The Fallen King

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The Dark God Ahriman is free... But Legends offers hope too...
The Prince

Prince of Persia : The Fallen King is the sequel to Prince of Persia (2008) released in 2008 on the Nintendo DS.

Following the events of the predecessor's epilogue, the Prince is sent by Elika to find the King of the City of The New Dawn in order to find a way to summon Ormazd and defeat Ahriman for good. However, the prince soon finds out that the city has already fallen under Ahriman's Corruption and the King has been corrupted. With the help of the King's Magus Zal, The Prince makes his way in the city to find the pieces of the magic seal that will undo the corruption.


Prince of Persia : The Fallen King contains examples of:

  • 2½D: It's a sidescroller with 3d graphics.
  • Beat the Curse Out of Him: At various points, Zal turns against you because of The Corruption and you have to beat him to cure him.
  • Bittersweet Ending: The game ends on a more positive note than its predecessor: the Prince and Zal defeat the King at the cost of the latter's life. Even though the Prince frees the land from the Corruption, he's still nowhere close to complete his quest of summoning Ormazd. The Ancestor assures that he will find "a power and a new ally" one day... It's also revealed halfway that Elika found the other Ahura and is leading the resistance against Ahriman.
  • The Cameo: Elika and Ahriman briefly appears at the very beginning of the game.
  • Cut Short: It's the second and last chapter of the rebooted series.
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  • Dismantled MacGuffin: Ahriman's monsters broke the magic seal into four pieces and scattered them in the kingdom. Your goal is to find them all of course.
  • Enemy Without: The titular Fallen King is revealed to be Zal's other half that emerged when he failed to absorb the corruption.
  • Fusion Dance: The Prince and Zal find the power of Fusion granted by Ormazd to the Ahura. They merge into one being combining their powers In order to defeat the King.
  • Minimalist Cast: Moreso than the predecessor. Zal, the Prince and the Ancestor are the only protagonists and the bosses never display personality nor talk and the Fallen King is actualy Zal's evil half. Even counting the cameo of Ahriman and Elika, that only makes five.
  • World-Healing Wave: After defeating the King, the Prince uses the seal to restore the City to its former glory.


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