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Porkchop’s Horror Show is an Un-Cancelled Five Nights at Freddy's fangame created by Phisnom, who also created Porkchop’s Adventure and A Shadow Over Freddy’s (the former of which is a teaser for this game). The game will integrate the traditional sit-n-survive gameplay of the series with point-and-click adventure gameplay. The premise is that you are a lucky contestant in a horror themed game show, in which you must navigate a haunted meat factory and solve high-stakes puzzles, lest a certain animatronic pig catch you and bring your quest for money and fame to a horrifying conclusion. The game will go through three “seasons”, each featuring a more horrifying incarnation of Porkchop than the last, with plenty of post-game content afterwards.

Despite this page being for Porkchop's Horror Show, it contains tropes for Porkchop's Adventure and Steven's Game, playable teasers for PHS.


This game contains examples of:

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    Porkchops Adventure 

  • 20 Minutes into the Future: The game takes place in 2048

  • Advancing Boss of Doom: King Junkalot.

  • Antagonist Title: The game is named after Porkchop, the animatronic stalking you throughout the game.

  • Anti-Frustration Features: Your progress in Wonder World 3 saves between every new game, so you wont lose your progress if your hour runs out.

  • Arc Words: "What's wrong buddy?". It appears both at the beginning and right before the happy ending, it's also mentioned by Steven a lot.

  • Ascended Extra: Porkchop used to be just one of the mascots from Joe's Wonder Farm, but he ended up becoming the main character of his own horror show after the restaurant shut down.

  • Back Tracking: After obtaining a power by completing a level in Wonder World, the player can replay the level, using the new power to reach a hidden black door that gives the player hints for puzzles in the Point and Click section of the game

  • Big Bad: Porkchop. He stalks you throughout the game, before finally killing you

  • Black Eyes of Evil: Porkchop's creepy, pupil-less eyes certainly fit this.

  • Bloodless Carnage: Enemies in Wonder World simply explode when you destroy them, leaving nothing behind.

  • Brutal Bonus Level: Minigame 1. It's a long, autoscrolling platforming level with instant kill spikes.

  • Dangerous Workplace: Not only are the elevator and emergency exit of the studio broken, the dangerous Porkchop is allowed to freely roam around the third floor.

  • Deceptively Silly Title: Despite the fact that the games title may make you think that it's a cute adventure game about a friendly pig, it is truly a horror game, although you can play a cute platforming game inside the game.

  • Downer Ending: The True Ending of the game ends with Ethan's murder

  • Eye Scream: A teaser for the game describes "pearls" being removed from a body and crushed. The only pearl-like object on the body is the eyes.

  • Featureless Protagonist: We do not know anything about Ethan's appearance, besides being male and 35 years old.

  • Final Boss: Hattrick. Although you can technically fight him at any time, he is the hardest boss in the game and part of the final level, making him the boss most players will face last.

  • Game Show: Porkchop's Horror Show takes place inside of a game show.

  • Game Within a Game: Wonder World: A New Adventure is a platforming game that you can play while trapped in the Studio.

  • Gotta Catch Them All: In order to get the Happy Ending you have to rescue all of your friends, to get the True Ending you have to collect 3 batteries and a VFX Room Keycard, and to get the Steven Ending you have to collect all of the smiley faces across the game.

  • Haunted Technology: Although not confirmed, it is implied that Porkchop is haunted in some way.

  • Hell Is That Noise: Porkchop knocking at your door throughout the night.

  • Hero Killer: Ethan dies at the end of the game at the hands of Porkchop.

  • Instant-Win Condition: If you decide, you can just sit in one place until the elevator gets reset and you will get an ending, although it is the worst ending in the game.

  • It Was There the Whole Time: In the True Ending, Ethan turns around in the VFX Room, only to find Porkchop right behind him.

  • Jump Scare: In the True Ending, Porkchop will jumpscare and kill Ethan.

  • King Mook: King Junkalot just looks like a slightly edited version of the models for the trash can enemies that were going to be used in an early version of the game.

  • Living Toys: Steven, Dorothy, Robbie, Terry, and Friend.

  • Long Runner: Joe's Wonder Farm, where Porkchop came from, lasted from while the Five Nights at Freddy's 1 location was active (1990's) to the 2030's.

  • Mini-Game: There are 3 different minigames to be unlocked, each one playing a part in unlocking the Steven Ending.

  • Minimalist Run: You can technically beat the game by just sitting in one spot and doing nothing for an hour.

  • Multiple Endings:
    • Neglect Ending: Wait until 12:00 and leave through the elevator.
    • Happy Ending: Complete Wonder World and enjoy the show.
    • Porkchop's Horror Show: Collect three out of five batteries and listen to the audio file in the VFX room.
    • Steven Ending: Collect the 3 Smiles and complete Minigame 3.

  • Never Found the Body: It is stated in the Newspaper shown in the True Ending that Ethan's body was not found, even after an extensive search.

  • Nice Hat: Porkchop and his figurine both wear a chef hat.

  • Nintendo Hard: Minigame 1 is incredibly difficult compared to the rest of the game.

  • One-Hit Kill: The spikes in Minigame 1 and the red dots in Minigame 2.

  • Perpetual Smiler: The Porkchop animatronic is always in a smiling pose.

  • Scary Jack-in-the-Box: Steven.

  • Secret Character: By knocking the right combination into the star door you receive a battery from a mysterious animatronic figure, this figure is the version of Porkchop from season 2 of the horror show.

  • Shout-Out: Candy the Cat, Doug the Dog, and Birthday Boy Blam figures can appear in the Supply Closet.

  • Stage Magician: Fluffy the Magician used to be this when Joe's Wonder Farm was still open.

  • Super-Deformed: Palchop is a chibi version of Porkchop.

  • The Announcer: Mrs. Lucky is the announcer for Porkchop's Horror Show.

  • The Future: The game is revealed to take place in 2048 after obtaining the true ending.

  • The Smurfette Principle: Out of Farmer Joe, Porkchop, Kevin, Lucky, and Fluffy, Fluffy is the only girl in the Joe's Wonder Farm cast.

  • The Hero Dies: In the True Ending of the game, the player character Ethan is killed by Porkchop.

  • Token Human: Farmer Joe is the only human mascot at Joe's Wonder Farm.

  • You Don't Look Like You: Porkchop the animatronic looks much different than his figurine counterpart, that is the first Porkchop you see when playing the game.

  • Wham Shot: Porkchop appearing behind you and killing you in the True Ending.

    Porkchops Horror Show 

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: This quote from the games description, "where our mechanical-but-maniacal friend Porkchop will hunt you down and make you wish your death were as quick and painless as a simple jumpscare" implies this will be the fate of the player should they lose.

  • Deadly Game: Porkchop's Horror Show is a game show where contestants try to survive against the dangerous Porkchop for the promise of money, prizes, and fame.

  • Point-and-Click Game: The game features Point and Click segments on top of classic FNAF Sit and Survive.

    Steven's Game 

  • Character Title: Self Explanatory

  • Color-Coded Characters: Terry is Green, Robbie is Blue, Dorothy is Red, Steven is Yellow, and Gravekeeper is Black

  • Game-Breaking Bug: Played with. In Version 0.0.0, the first release of the game, a fake error message appears that prevents the player from continuing. It is currently unknown if you can actually progress past this error message in Ver 0.0.0

Alternative Title(s): Porkchops Adventure


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