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Polygod is a Roguelike First-Person Shooter that was released on Steam in 2016.

Player takes the role of one Faceless the Blessed, who is partaking in an event called Trial of the Gods, where many enemies and boss fights await.

This game has examples of:

  • The Blank: The player character, hence the given name Faceless and its variants.
  • Cores-and-Turrets Boss: Holy Champion of Wrath's Quarry is a giant eye that summons several smalles ones to shoot at you as the fight against it progresses.
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  • Glass Cannon: Faceless the Feeble has high attack right from the start, but has only two points of health.
  • Portmantitle: Polygon + God.
  • Segmented Serpent: Holy Champion of Gaia, the first boss, is made from several spheres that can break into invidual assailants if the boss gets split up.
  • Shout-Out
    • Gaining both flame and ice powerups nets you with an achievement called "A Song of Ice and Fire".
    • An achievement called "Bring Back The Beatles" can be gained if you complete Mazu's Docks without killing any of the yellow submarine enemies.
    • One character residing in the resting rooms is a chained bee called Maya.


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